New Campsite, New Adventures


Indian Springs is a lot different than the cabin and lodge arrangement we have at A.H Stephens State Park. Unfortunately, there are no camping options. There are four Barracks buildings, which have around 35 beds, and the majority are bunk beds. In each of these buildings there is a room with a fireplace that has no beds.

There are also smaller cottages that are available that hold around 4 beds each, but have enough room to hold more people to sleep in them. The building next to the Dining Hall, called the Craft Cabin, is big and convenient, but holds no beds.

In order to achieve some really awesome encounters we have planned this event, we’re hoping to keep the two barracks on the left hand side of the site closed until all bunks and beds are occupied by players on the rest of the site. These barracks are a long walk from the main play area, and it will be easier for us to entertain everyone effectively by maintaining them as an NPC land this month.

We will absolutely open this space if all the open beds on site are full, but we really want to make sure all the initially opened space is occupied efficiently before we do that, if we can. You can help us with this by bringing a cot, a sleeping pad, or an air mattress, to help fill in the empty spaces in the barracks and the cottages.

To help incentivize this, we will be providing 20 AP for each event at Indian Springs you sleep on a cot, camping pad, or air mattress.


As a LARPer, in order to make sure that I can continue to LARP unimpeded and on good terms with my hosts, I always venture to leave a venue cleaner than I left it. A.H. Stephens has been very happy with our work but Indian Springs will expect a higher level of fastidiousness from us, and we will need your help to make sure we meet their needs by Noon on Sunday, when we have to be ready for check out.

To help with this, I’d like to share the checklist we’ll be referencing during cleanup to make sure we meet Indian Spring’s checkout requirements.

(This was provided to us by Anita Lastinger from Legynds, thank you so much!)


All of our characters will be starting the November event at the campsite’s docks or amphitheatre. In order to arrive at Junction, they will be taking a pontoon barge from down river and across a lake to make it in on the sly, to sneak up on those pesky Diesel Jocks. All characters will be at the Docks to begin play, and would not have dropped of their belongings yet. We will have opening ceremonies at this location, so please be ready with weapons, armor, and any goodies your character would need to fight back the Moonrunners. If you can’t be with us exactly at 10PM, stop by the Post Office and we’ll be glad to guide you to the best place to come into play with your character.

You, as a player, can pick out where you want to sleep and drop off your belongings before play begins. You can go ahead and decorate if you’d like and we will suspend disbelief if we see someone’s familiar bedding, but the floor must be completely clear. You can also choose not to unpack if you prefer.

During the Friday encounter, on and under beds, in the locker alcoves of the barracks areas will be considered completely Out of Game. If you cannot fit your belongings in one of these areas, place your belongings against the wall, throw a sheet over them and a piece of paper on them that says ‘OOG’.


We could really use some additional NPCs in addition to those who are scheduled to NPC on the first two shifts this month. If you would like to come NPC in addition to when you are scheduled to do so, we will be awarding 20 AP an hour between 10PM and 1AM.


Check in goes so much faster for everyone when we already have your sheet printed for you. Can you please help us by checking in your character before the week of the event so we can let you and your friends in the door more quickly? It also helps your Storytelling Director better plan content for those who have confirmed they will be at the event.

Please? Please. <3


- We’re going to try and have an awesome NPC area for our first visit to Indian Springs, and have everyone sleep on the east side of the camp and in the cottages to try to facilitate that, as well as entertain you better during the weekend. We will open this space if we fill all the bunks on the east side of the camp.

- We’d like you to bring your own cot, air mattress, or camping pad and will give you 20 AP to do so.

- We have to make sure Indian Springs is extra sparkly when we’re done cleaning, and we have really awesome clean up lists to help us prepare to be off site by noon.

- All characters will begin play at the Docks or Amphitheatre, at 10PM. Opening Ceremonies will be held at the Amphitheatre at that time.

- Wanna do some extra NPC? We’ll give you 20 AP/hour if you come help beyond your normal shift time between 10PM Friday and 1AM Saturday.

- Before going into play, please place all of your belongings under your bed, in a locker/alcove, or against a wall under a sheet. Your belongings will be considered Out of Game until the initial Friday Night encounter has ended.

- If you like your Directors happy, PREREGISTER AND CHECK IN <3 <3 <3