Building A Story Together

Many of you have BLOWN our minds with the stories you weave while we’re not there from carnivals, to contests, and everything in between. We want to support your efforts in making the world feel even more immersive and alive, so today we’re going to talk about two tools you can use on this path of collaborative storytelling.

The first is our inbox. Between phones, tablets, watches, laptops, and desktops we’ve got a lot of devices that we communicate with y’all on. Using our inbox is the best way to make sure our conversation stays front and center versus getting lost in the ether of messengers or in the haze of an event. If you’re looking to build something in our game we want to hear about it because we want to find a way to support it :) That might mean taking your event into consideration when planning out the weekend’s schedule, offering up AP for your community building efforts, or answering some questions to help your idea fit into the setting. Here’s an example of what using our inbox to help us work together on your ideas could look like:


The other tool is submitting a plot request. If you’re itching for a story with a certain theme for you and your friends, but your characters need a little help getting there that’s what we’re here for. The more open your idea is, the more we can do with it. Here’s an example of what a plot submission could look like:


So, don’t let your dreams be dreams! Reach out to us so we can work together to make your characters laugh, smile, cry, and die a little on the inside :D

The DRGA Team