CvC and You!

When and How to be Shady! 

We have one trillion resources to share about how you should do Character versus Character (CvC) but today we’re going to talk about how you actually can do CvC. As always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot over an email to us anytime at and we’ll happily clarify anything for you. 

 Can I steal that?

Urkel asking, “Did I do that?”  

Urkel asking, “Did I do that?”  

We could  list out everything you can’t steal but you’d still be reading this post by the start of your next event. Instead we’ll list what you can  steal. If you’re thinking to steal something that isn’t listed here the answer is likely “no” but we’d rather you ask :)

  • You may steal tagged items that have proper physical representation/props

Someone abandon their shield mid-fight? Found a pile of needles filled with Red Mist? You’ve got friends and y’all wanna steal a workbench? Did your friend die and you’ve been envious of that really nice weapon they’ve been using? All sweet pickings for your sticky fingers. 

Magic wallets aren’t real, you can’t steal a stack of cards. Someone’s cool hat isn’t an item, you can’t steal it. What you’re stealing must have a card and that card must have a physical representation. 

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Hm...but I can carry all that kitchen equipment.” No dice, my friend. That room augment is a structure and it lives there now. Better make nice with the owner or build your own. 

Items/belongings under beds or black sheets are OUT OF PLAY. That means any items under there are owned by a character that isn’t in play. You CANNOT steal this stuff. That means...don’t touch these things.  

 How do I steal that?

Jon Snow saying, “I know how to do it.” 

Jon Snow saying, “I know how to do it.” 

But do you really, Jon?

To steal items that don’t belong to you (you’re free to steal your own things we guess?) you must have a Marshal.

To steal something you must have been in play as that character since the start of the Twelves (midnight/noon). You must stay in play as that character for at least three hours or the next Twelves, whichever is LONGER

Once you've been enjoying your new loot for one hour you must immediately bring the item to Logistics (the Post Office) so they can take the physical representation and add the item to the theft log. 

Eventually that character will realize, “Oh no! A thief has gotten me!” They will go to the Post Office and trade out their item card to have the phys. rep. returned. When you make your way on back to the Post Office you will receive the item card with the original owner’s player number written on the back. Your new item tag will also have the previous owner’s player number. 

 “That’s it.”

 How do I hit people?

Three kangaroos fighting.  

Three kangaroos fighting.  

Before engaging in any combat you must have a Marshal.  

The assaulting character must have been in play for at least 3 hours. You must remain in play as the assaulting character for at least another 3 hours or to the next Twelves, whichever is LONGER

 In conclusion 

If you’re looking to raise your CvC flag please do so respectfully, educated, and with kindness. Need help with any of that? Please, email us. Seriously. Just do it. 

Robot hands that turn into even smaller robot hands typing. 

Robot hands that turn into even smaller robot hands typing.