Watt's Up, Wattsons?!

Hi folks! I’m Halden! I like long naps, Instagram makeup videos, manatees, and bad puns. One time I went to the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic. If I were in DR, I’d be a Red Star Jones. I’m also your Storytelling Director at Dystopia Rising: Georgia, AKA 40 Watt.

You’re probably used to seeing me behind a laptop covered in googly eyes, checking you in, stamping your prints, and messily doodling “HI!” all over your item cards.

Unfortunately, you might be seeing a lot less of that.

On the upside, you’ll see a lot more of me in a bunch of different costumes, offering direction at Monster Camp, and marshalling mods!

That’s because I’m making the switch from Coordination Director to Storytelling Director here at Dystopia Rising: Georgia.

For those of you wondering what exactly that means, it’s pretty much just a shift in responsibilities. At Dystopia Rising, Coord Directors are primarily responsible for managing character sheets, answering rules questions, taking care of campsite logistics, and taking care of emergency issues that tend to crop up when you’ve got 100+ nerds hitting each other with sticks in the woods. The vast bulk of Coord work is usually in the database: getting everyone registered for game and checked-out afterwards.

Storytelling Directors, on the other hand, worry more about how you’re going to have fun. Props, mods, NPCs, set dressing, and costumes matter a lot more to Storytelling Directors than what’s technically on your sheet. It’s a lot more writing and a lot less crying at the database.

That’s, of course, a broad generalization. Elena and I both managed different aspects of Coord and Story from the very first day. I helped with a lot of the original genre material for 40 Watt. Actually, I’ve written mods for every single game, just in lower volumes. I also wrote the full overarc for The Settlement of Radiant Mercy at DR: ATL. I was also a “Storyteller” (back when that was a thing) and an Ops Marshall for several years at DR:VA before we started DR:GA. I promise you, I come highly qualified! ;D

So you might be wondering how my plots will be different, or what changes you might see in the future. I can’t give you all the answers, and right now most of the major story is planned out several months ahead. But I can tell you some of the types of themes I like, so you can get an idea of what’s to come:

  • Experimental and Nordic LARP design

  • Plots involving music

  • Final Knights as very bad bad guys

  • Cannibalism (it’s my thing)

  • Puzzles and traps (If you played ATL, you probably new this!)

  • Playing with perceptions of reality

  • Toying with ideas of the Gravemind and what death *IS* in the DR-verse

If those things aren’t really your speed, never fear: that won’t be all I’m writing, and we’ve got a great writing team here making sure no plot is left uncovered.

What’s your favorite stuff to write about? Tell me in the comments on the Facebook post the kinds of themes YOU’D love to see, and I’ll see what I can make happen.

I’m so excited to write for and with you all. See you Friday in 40 Watt!