Details on Tent Camping at A.H. Stephens State Park

As we’re less than two months from our opening event, we wanted to provide a bit more information on sleeping, food management, and parking. This post focuses specifically on A.H. Stephens, where we’ll be running until October. In November we move to Indian Springs, and will have more information as we get closer to then.



Our cabins are first come first serve. There are 150 total beds spread out over 35 cabins and we’re going to identify which buildings can fit additional people with cots safely. Each of the cabins does have power enough for fans and CPAP if needed but are not rated for bringing an air conditioner or heater. We will be providing Assistance Points for bringing your own cot or floor padding if you choose not to occupy a bed.

You must come to Check-In before claiming a bed or space in a cabin.
Logistics will be ready to help you at 4PM when site is open to players, so that we can get you checked in and you can unpack. This will help us make sure we know where you are going to be, and help people find additional places they can stay.


We’ve rented both the Group Camp and Pioneer Camp for each event. There is a path between the two that is around half a mile from the main area of each. For ease of use until we become more comfortable with the site, the tenting area will not be In Game (IG) to prevent any disruption from the outside world and lack of marshal availability. We will be providing Assistance Points for tenting.


Restrooms and Showers

There are separate buildings from the cabins that have showers and bathrooms on the main group camp site. For the pioneer camping area, there is a bathroom nearby, but there are not showers available nearby. Those who choose to stay there are more than welcome to shower and change at the main site.

Kitchen and Food Storage

There is a full kitchen with fridge, freezer, microwave, stovetop/over. We are reviewing the ability for individuals to use the stovetop/oven and we will post kitchen rules in the near future. For now, feel free to bring any crockpots or similar electric cooking implements for your food needs.


All Georgia State Parks charge $5 per weekend per car. These passes will need to be purchased during check in. Cash is preferred, but credit and debit cards will be accepted at a rate of $6 per car. There are two parking areas, one for the tenting space and one for the group camp. We do expect that parking management will need to be more laid out as we get closer to the event and we absolutely will keep all of you posted. We will be providing Assistance Points for carpooling and parking fees.

We have additonal some information on options for picking up parking passes that can help you plan on how to get your pass.

We hope this information helps you plan your trip to Dystopia Rising: Georgia! Have questions or concerns about these details, or anything else about our DR chapter? We're always looking to hear from you at and will respond as quickly as we can to help out. Look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you soon!