Transferring 101

Many of you have been asking about transferring to Dystopia Rising: Georgia. We’re super excited to have you join us, and wanted to provide you some additional information on how to transfer.

Advanced Membership

We want to remind everyone that if you have an Advanced Membership, you’re allowed to have characters at multiple chapters. An Advanced Membership is $30 a year, allows you to have a third character slot, have your characters located in multiple chapters, and provides you 2xp per Character (a $60 value).

If you’d like to purchase an Advanced Membership, you can do so at the Dystopia Rising LARP Network website.

Transferring Your Player Membership

If your goal is to apply to join the DR:GA Marshal Team (PS: We’re always looking for more applicants) then your Player Membership would have to be based out of Georgia. If you do not have an Advanced Membership, and don’t want every DR:GA game to be considered a travel game, you would need to base your Player Membership out of Georgia. Otherwise, this choice is completely yours. 

Transferring Your Character

If you have an Advanced Membership and would like to transfer an individual character, or if you have a Basic Membership and are transferring both your Player and Character Membership to DR:GA, please first read through all of our Approved Concepts and Strains. If your character concept does not fit with the material provided on that page, please contact us at so we can work with you to make your character fit into our approved setting.

If your character strain is banned, unfortunately you will not be able to transfer that character to DR:GA at this time. If your character strain requires AP due to it being Uncommon or Rare, please contact us through email to discuss ways to fulfill those AP requirements prior to your first event.

Your Stuff

Under the rules of 2.0, all of your Characters Possessions (Currency, Item Cards, Blue Prints, Etc) will need to be turned in to either your current director or to the DR:GA Directors before you play your next game. In 3.0 these rules will be changing, but for the time being any attempt to skirt these rules by passing off your possessions before transfer is considered a rules violation.


What we CAN offer you is a once in a lifetime opportunity to PURPOSELY put all of your possessions (except currency) into a washing machine by way of an old pair of jeans and celebrate your newly found freedom.

Also we’ll totally give you all new starter items appropriate to your skill list.

How To Transfer

  1. Confirm your Membership Status
  2. Review the Approved Concepts and Strains to make sure you do not need to email the DR:GA Directors
  3. Optional: Email the DR:GA Directors if you have questions about the Concepts and Strains -
  4. Contact your current local director through email
  5. Politely state your request to transfer your Player Membership, Character Membership, or both
  6. Choose your method of destruction for all of your worldly possessions
  7. Post pictures of cool destruction methods to Facebook and tag us!

Creating a New Character in Georgia

Honestly? This is the route that we hope most people take. There are so few opportunities to start within a new setting from the jump. If you only have a Basic Membership, please see the guide above about transferring. If you have an Advanced Membership, all you need to do is submit your new character via the Character Submission Form.

However you choose to join us, we can't wait to see you at 40 Watt!