How To Earn XP, AP, and Beat The Line

Benefits of Submitting Your Character Early

The first event of any new chapter is always very busy. Not only is there a ton of local attendance but there’s also a large influx of travelers. If you have an idea for your character before the event and submit it to us, we can have it all ready to go for you when you get here. That means you can grab your character sheet, go drop your stuff off at your bed, and get ready to play. While we absolutely will have additional people to get you all set up at your first event, this is an optional solution for you to make your life easier. Submitting a character does not obligate you to pre-register or attend the event. Submit your character here!

But I Don’t Know What To Play

Email us! We really want to talk to you and help you have the most fun possible. We’re happy to put in time to work with you on all of this and make sure you’re set up for success. 

I Want To Change My Character

Up until the third event, you can keep all of your do and rewrite your character. Whether it’s just changing some skills, professions, or melting them down and starting over, we’re here to help. Sometimes the game ends up being different than you thought or you see a hole that you think you’d like to fit and change into it. We want to make sure you have fun. 

How Do I Earn XP

When you make your character, you start with 13 xp and have to spend it all. At local events, just for attending, you earn 4xp for each of your first five events, 2xp for events six through ten, and then 1xp for every event after.

You can also buy up to two XP for $10 each per character per event and you can also buy up to two more XP for 10 Assistance Points per event. That makes your potential first event XP that you can earn 8xp.

At game on, all of your XP for that event is fully available for you to spend that weekend to learn new skills! 

How Do I Earn Assistance Points

At Dystopia Rising: Georgia our focus on rewarding Assistance Points (AP) is through actions that benefit our community and get you involved. Here are a list of ways you can earn AP before or by your first event:

  • Posting DR:GA Flyers at comicbook and gaming bars/stores. (10AP per flyer)
  • Bringing a cot or a bed mat to the event (10 AP)
  • Tenting (20 AP)
  • Carpooling (10 AP per person in the car)
  • Volunteering for extra NPC shifts (10 AP per hour)
  • Genre/High Quality Physrep Locations (ex: a cool bar, still, kitchen, forge, workbench, lounge/parlor, library, etc. if it looks cool and is in game we want to reward that) (Variable AP)
    • This includes but is not limited to decorating your Lodge or Cabin with atmosphere appropriate lighting such as electric candles, lanterns, and Edison Bulb light strings
  • Being a Marshal (60 AP for 4 hour shift)

As you can see, our focus is on actions that don’t require extra spending but rather compensating actions that help our game overall through your actions.

I Have A Question About Costume, Backgrounds, Weapons, ANYTHING

And we have answers! Email us directly at and we’ll help you answer any questions you have.