July New Player Drive + Charitable Donations

Dystopia Rising: Georgia is hosting a New Player Drive for July! 

What Does That Mean Exactly?

For every New Player you bring to Dystopia Rising you receive 1 XP for your referral, up to 5 total. This is standard for every single event in the network. For the New Player Drive DRGA will be offering additional benefits for you, your friends, and our community:

  • Every referred New Player will receive 20 AP. For every New Player a Returning Player brings they will receive 20 AP (no cap). You can use this AP for many things (detailed in the Survior’s Guide on p. 231) but most commonly players convert their AP into XP. Every game you physically attend with your local GA character you can convert up to 20 AP into 2 XP (conversion rate of 10 AP per 1 XP). More information on XP can be found on this blog post.

  • For every New Player that pre-registers for the July event, Dystopia Rising: Georgia will be donating $10 to charity. At the time of this blog post we haven’t finalized the charity but we will likely be sharing a few of our top picks in the coming days so Wattsons can help us choose.

Why Are We Doing This for Our Second Event?

General feedback from the first event was that everyone had a really great time but that there was a clear separation between established travelers and brand new to DR players. This month, our two closest games, Florida and Virginia, have conflicting events. That means that we have the opportunity to mostly explore our new chapter in our large connected world ourselves. Travelers are awesome and will continue to be a big part of our game, as they are a big part of the connected world, but why not tilt the scale a bit in our favor on a month with overlap?

Why the Charity Spin?

Early this year, a our government put in place a “stricter stance” regarding illegal crossing of the Mexican border to separate children from their parents rather than keeping them together. Since April 2018, over 2,000 children have been separated from their families and are being held in separate detention centers across the country. Sadly, that just scratches the surface of this particular issue.

So we asked ourselves what we could do. We can donate our time and money to help. The money from this drive will go to a charity of the communities choice focused on this specific issue, and we are actively working on pursuing opportunities to help register any interested person to vote in the state of Georgia at our LARP events. We will continue to explore on our end what we can do to help enable our players to make the real world a better place. We all have a responsibility to create the community that we want to be a part of - be it local, national, or global.

If you're interested, here is a list of June 30th rallies in Georgia: