Advanced Professions and You

At Dystopia Rising, many players build their characters with the mindset of eventually becoming an Advanced Profession. On top of your three standard profession slots, players can apply to become a unique highly skilled individual from a list of 27 vastly different roles.

The path to become an Advanced Profession is long and takes a lot of dedication. Many players focus primarily on the skill requirements: Do I have the right XP spend and professions to qualify for it? But what the focus should be is on the role-play. What makes you a G-man is not 100 XP total with 50 XP spent in Mind or Body and the skill Interrogate but outstanding role-play to fit and community dedication. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our Advance Profession Track.

No Advanced Professions Will Be Taught At Dystopia Rising: Georgia Until 2020

With Dystopia Rising: Evolved, ten years of running this amazing network will be applied to a new, incredible ruleset. Due to this change, we want to heads down focus on the core of the game as it is now, with us being such a new chapter. While you absolutely will not start your formal test for Advance Profession until 2020, your actions in and out of game between now and then will lead you to be qualified for it. We highly suggest that you do not fixate at all on the skill requirements and instead focus on the requirements listed below.

Community First

Advanced Professions, to us, mean that not only do you meet the qualifications in game, but you are an upstanding individual who thoroughly represents our community and focuses on improving the people and world around them. Expectations of you as a player are higher as this identification becomes an elevation of you locally and nationally, carrying our banner. Here is what we expect from you as we lead up to your application:

  • Spend time engaging with the community outside of game. We are people first and interacting with each other as people is far more important than interacting with each other as characters. The people will far outlive the characters.
  • Help out those that are new. We were all new once, so whether that’s you making a post on FB to offer to make character ties with any new players or bringing a few extra pair of socks for those who underestimated how many socks they would need, just be there for them and teach them to pay it forward.

Roleplay Over Skills

Your character sheet will be the least important barrier into you becoming an Advanced Profession. When we look at your character, we should have no doubt in our mind that you’re an Entrepreneur. Read through the descriptions and absolutely feel free to reach out to us directly to discuss focused role-play that would help set you apart from the crowd as the Advanced Profession that you’re looking to embody. 

To help with this end, we’re asking that all players looking to go down this path start creating a journal. Here is what we’d like you to fill out in your journal:

  • First Page: Fully define who your character is and what about them fits the characteristics of the Advanced Profession you’re going for.
  • Event Page Part 1: Create one page per event. On those pages we’d like you to bullet point up to five role-play actions that weekend that highlight how you met your role-play goals and the jobs you offered players (more on this in the next section).

Sharing this information with us after each event digitally will be beneficial in helping us guide you in your goals to portray your Advanced Profession of choice.

Enforce Setting

The difference between being at Dystopia Rising and a weekend long camp out is Setting. The world is a vibrant place filled with travelers, merchants, and threats that want to eat you alive. Part of our ask for you is to buy into that fully and add to it. What that means is, any of the 27 Advanced Professions would be influential people in their community. They would be making sure that those in the settlement they’re from are armed, educated, and employed. 

What we ask of you is to find ways, every single month, to be Quest Givers for new players. Look at the role-play requirements for your chosen path and identify what you can offer to those around you who are wearing a blue armband.

Here are some example:

  • As a Bone Breaker in training, it would make sense to hire a sparring partner so that you’ve always got someone to practice with.
  • A Marksman is going to need a lot of upkeep with their numerous guns and ammunition, maybe its time he hired a tinkerer and a printer to explore what type of equipment is out there for them to use.
  • G-men are known for hiring snitches and trying to figure out who is in the Black Market.
  • Graverobbers should be climbing over each other trying to fully examine the individuals that just recently died and fully understanding what happened to them and how to fix it.
  • Avonturs and Mercenarys would always be looking to train up a buddy to help them with their specific goals.

These quests should have some sort of reward or benefit for the players taking them on. Whether thats money, resources, equipment, education, or anything else you can think of, an Advanced Profession should be a notable individual that stands out as someone that can guide liked minded people new to the area.

We’re excited to see what y’all come up with as you dig deeper into the future of your character and we would love to be an engaged part of that process. To get started, please email us at so we can plan things out with you directly.