Opt-In To The Experience You Dream Of

Hey Wattsons!

We’ve got an exciting new thing planned for this upcoming came.

For months now, we’ve gotten some very conflicted feedback.

Some folks have said that the game doesn’t feel like a true 24 hour immersion, and said that they don’t really feel a threat, especially “after hours.”

Meanwhile, other folks have mentioned that they feel that game runs too late, and they don’t come to game to be woken up early or forced to stay up late if they don’t want to.

Neither side is wrong or right-- it’s just personal preference, and that’s ok! We’ve done a lot of debating and thinking on how we can make everyone happy. But we’ve finally found a solution we think you’ll enjoy :D

Starting with our April event at A.H. Stephens, we’re going to be sectioning off different cabin units into different threat levels so everyone can opt into the experience they’d most want to enjoy.

Unit 4 (the Unit across the bridge / via the backwoods path, overlooking the lake) is now considered SAFE SLEEP. That means we won’t be sending nighttime threats / cabin raids, and no wake up mods... ever.  This is also were we’ll have reserved space for newbies so that they’re guaranteed a bed. By sleeping in Unit 4, you’re letting us know that you do not want to be bothered by mods where you sleep, but you’d still like to sleep in character and roleplay with other players as usual.

Safe Sleep is not a replacement for medical sleep, which is always a guaranteed out of character space. It’s your choice if you’d prefer to choose one over the other as applicable.

Meanwhile, Unit 3 (the Unit right beside the main area) is now considered HIGH THREAT SLEEP. That means night time raids (possibly even after Ops hours!), wakeup mods, and an increased level of intensity and danger in roaming threats. If you’ve always wanted to wake up to “FORCE BARRICADE ONE” at 8am, or have to fight off 13th Story Ghasts to get to bed, High Threat Sleep was designed for you!

Unit 2 is still “business as usual” and may or may not experience threats, but at a less intensive level than High Threat Sleep.

Unit 1 is still Away Mod Space.

These Units were chosen based on several factors, such as ease of access for NPCs and players, size, and terrain (safer to chase someone in their jammies across a flat area than right beside a cliff).

You are never required to sleep in either low or high threat areas, as the decision is not directly tied to things like overarc plot. You may change your sleep location game to game, or even over the course of the weekend if you’d like. It’s entirely your decision, as this is a tool for you to calibrate the type of game you want to play!


Get the experience you want out of our events and sleep where works best for you by opting-in to a designated area!

Unit 1- “Away Mod Space”

Unit 2- “Standard Sleep Experience”

Unit 3- “High Threat Sleep Experience”

Unit 4- “Safe Sleep Experience” and Space Designated for New Players

Staff Lodge- Logistics/Post Office

Craft House- Ops

Infirmary- Medical/OOC Sleep

Unit 4 Cabin 1- Overflow Medical/OOC Sleep

Questions? Shoot us an email at contact@dystopiarisinggeorgia.com

See you at the Waystation!

A.H. Stephens Map

A.H. Stephens Map