3.0 in 40 Watt

Hey folks!

As you probably know already, 3.0 is coming... and soon! The official 3.0 start month is September. (Read more about that here.)

That means we’ve got the rest of the Spring and Summer to send off the “prequel” world you’ve been playing in, and to prepare to create something even better.

3.0 gives us the perfect opportunity to change the world of Dystopia Rising, and 40 Watt, to be something we all love even more. Since this world and this story simply would not exist without you, the players, we wanted to give you and opportunity to make some decisions about how the world looks after the three year time skip.

Here’s how that’s going to work:

In May, July, and August, you’ll receive a token at check in. During game, we’ll set up a board in the Post Office where you can go to put your token in a specific jar to cast your vote for a specific element you’d like to see in 3.0. Each month, we’ll pose a different question, and announce the results on Facebook after the event wraps.

Though we’re putting the voting station in an in game space for ease of access, consider this vote an out of character decision. Since it’d be pretty weird and meta for your characters to decide things like what sorts of monsters they want to fight and since you may want something as a player that your character would hate.

You can get additional tokens (that TWO VOTES!) by checking in before the event. As a reminder, checking in is totally free, does not require an advanced membership, and yes your sheet will still be updated if you attend a travel game between checking in and attending a DR:GA game. It just makes our lives much easier at check in, so we want to reward you for helping us out!

Please note that this vote is only open to DR:GA local players, and travellers, even frequent ones, cannot cast a vote.

Why no vote in June? Because we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary game with a special event at a unique location! It’s being written in the style of a mini-National Event, and since it’s so special, we didn’t want to complicate it with a vote that month. More info on that coming shortly.

On the plot side of things, we’ll be wrapping up narratives and tying up loose ends every month from May to August so that stories can start fresh in 3.0. That means that if you see or hear about a particular plot involving a faction, question, disease, or creature wrapping up, that’s likely the last you’ll see of it until after the timeskip.

So if you have a plot you’re passionate about, a faction that means a lot to you, or just really want your personal backstory to have resolution before 3.0, go ahead and send in a Plot Request ASAP so we can make sure we incorporate it.

Ok but... what are we voting on? Ultimately here’s the things we plan to consider:

May: What will our main post-3.0 threats look like? Zed, Raiders, or other People?

July: Should we update the playable Strains? (Note that, for this decision, all CURRENT characters will be fully grandfathered in even if their Strain changes status, and it will be up to the Story team to decide which Strains are appropriate for the setting, but we will take .)

August: Do we want the Waystation to remain a Trade Meet Only zone, or do we want a permanent 40 Watt settlement- and all that comes with a permanent settlement? (There will be story elements to consider in this, but we’ll post more about it when we get closer to the vote.)

We’re SO SO excited about 3.0 and about the stories we’re going to tell together this summer, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for us.


The DR:GA Team

Halden, Mary, Sierra, Derek, Shamus, Taryn, and Jessy