Hard Facts About Hard Labor State Park

Hey Everyone!

With game just over a week away, we wanted to give you some information about the campsite we’ll be at: Hard Labor State Park. We loved our walkthrough, but this is our first time playing at this site. And we’ve got an exciting ask for you: we’re going to be looking to you for feedback on how you enjoyed the site compared to AH Stephens after the weekend, as there are both In Game and Out of Game reasons why this could become our primary site!


We’ve learned that this map is absolutely not even remotely to scale so please use it as a general reference.

HLCSP Map.jpg

Sleeping Zones - READ MORE HERE

  • Safe Sleep will be Unit 4

  • High Threat Sleep will be Unit 2

  • Standard Zones will be Unit 1 and Unit 3

Sleeping Options

  • Sleeper Cabins:
    These have four unmovable beds and not a ton of room to put a cot or air mattress. These cabins have electrical outlets and there are more than enough to sleep our average attendance, plus the expected travel increase for this event.

  • Lodges and Other Buildings:
    These have no beds. As of this post we’re not opening these up to the general public yet. We will review volume at game but we don’t expect that we will need to open them up. We intend to use many of them as general spaces. If our pre-reg volume is especially high, we will make an announcement to update if these will be available.

  • Tenting
    This campsite is a no spike zone as well. IF you are proficient with setting up a tent with sand bags or weights inside of it, please message us at contact@dystopiarisinggeorgia.com and we will review where we can put tent sleeping if there is enough interest.


  • Each grouping of cabins has its own bathroom and shower house area.

  • Each cabin has electrical outlets

  • There is a kitchen with a fridge and microwave. Using the stove follows our standard kitchen policy.


The core of a Dystopia Rising event is based around the players’ story and the world providing fuel for you to continue telling your awesome tale. Some events focus on coming right up to you, grabbing you by the proverbial face, and engaging you. For this specific event, we’re going to focus on bringing you places and exploring.

It is not our primary intent to send combat or story hooks to the main social areas. There will be plenty to do and explore, but we want to allow people space to pull back and calibrate for themselves. This will be a high horror style event. There will be a lot of risk, but with high reward. Take chances this game, and remember that infection is resetting in 3.0.

There is a major discovery to be had at this event that we believe will excite many of our players and answer a lot of questions that they’ve had previously. Think topics like how Psions are impacted in our area, and why is our economy so different, or even how come we don’t live in the places where the game is run.

As the structure is changing, we want to reiterate one big thing: if you do not feel like you are able to engage in the world, come to ops and talk to us as soon as possible. You could do literally 1,000 different things with your time and weekend. We want to provide you the best experience possible, and to make that happen, we need to hear from you in real time where we can help you.

We’re very excited to see all of you this weekend!

  • The DR:GA Team