Glow Bright!

Hey-o, Wattsons!

Warning in advance, this is going to be a lengthy post! Grab a snack and your beverage of choice because while it’s a lot of words, I promise you that all of it is super important and relevant to every one of y’all so it’s 100% worth it to strap in and read the whole shebang.
I know we’ve had a lot (and I mean a lot) of change in our slice of the DR-pie lately, but we’ve gotta discuss one more big ass change that’s heading our way. So before you read any further do me a favor and take a deep breath and maybe snag some liquor or chocolate, because change is hard but this one is probably one of the best changes we’ll see to Dystopia Rising this year.

We’re changing the skeleton of the entire network to zoom back down to the local level and the local fun. Dystopia Rising LLC (National) is moving out of the spotlight and letting the local branch take main stage. 🎤

Now onto the meat of the thing!

Democracy, baby!

First of all, we want you to know that this was a decision “by the people”, so to speak, and not something handed down. All of the branch owners across our lovely network were presented with the deets and voted for this course of action. Furthermore, there wasn’t a single dissenting vote. Full disclosure that not everybody voted BUT there were definitely enough people to hit that majority mark.

The End at the End: No more National Events:

National Events have been a super cool part of the experience provided by Dystopia Rising - players got to meet other players from games across the country and create huge, awesome stories together. However, this was something that really worked best when the network was smaller. Today, there’s a shit ton of us - there’s around 20 branches across the US now! The way we play and tell stories together has shifted and we want to EVOLVE with these changes. (Get it? Evolve? Y’all are #blessed to have such a hilarious leadership team, truly.)

Okay but...Downfall?

We know that a fair chunk of people were planning on caravanning up to game, and we want to acknowledge that y’all might be feeling some real disappointment and sadness right now. We feel you, we validate you, and we will make every step to remediate what we can. Imagine Nation Collective (INC) will begin releasing information very soon regarding how to go about getting a refund. Like us, they recognize that this might be a tough moment for some of you and are 110% committed to providing the best possible customer experience during this process. For updates, hit up this link: There will be a few refund options for you to pick from, one of which will be to ~transform~ your ticket into credit at your fave local branch for all kinds of purchases.

So why are we doing this? A shift to local!

As we discussed above, National Events were super cool and served a similarly super cool purpose. But let’s be real, y’all - a lot of our best experiences come from storytelling built on trust, time, and relationships. When we say LLC, y’all don’t have much context to attach to it. We’ve come to this conclusion across the network, so all we’re doing is reshaping the business model to reflect the community it serves.

Locally-run and focused events, huzzah 🎉

Instead of National Events, we’re moving forward with…Premier Events! What’s a Premier Event, you ask? In simplest terms, it’s an opportunity for a branch to invite travelers to join them for the beginning or midpoint of some bomb ass ass local story. Think lots of local and regional elements and collaborative storytelling with our buddies in the region.

  • These can either be a standard 3-day event or a 4-day event with an additional $25 per ticket.

  • All Premier events offer 5 additional build for $50 

  • Each branch gets 1 Premier Event a year (emphasis on not overlapping with regional neighbors) so long as they’re in good standing (which just FYI isn’t anything new, just a cool thing to incentivize us keeping that paperwork copacetic).

  • Premier events ahoy! Every branch is kicking off a Premier Event for 2019, so get ready! Ours is October 4th-6th and I truly cannot express the joy I feel when I think about sharing Nemesis funtimes 🔪 (re: bloodstains for everyone) with some lovely travelers. (Hit me up for some hot fire tips about explaining fake bloodstains away to concerned family, coworkers, and randoms in Kroger).

What are these...regions you speak of?

It’s the neighborhood, y’all! 😱

Basically, we’ve divided the US into 5 regions so we have a built-in crew to tell stories I said, neighbors except instead of borrowing a cup of sugar, we’ll go with a heaping of gore and maybe like a mason jar or two of existential horror. You can check out the map at the bottom of this post!

So like, what does that mean for us? YOU get crossplot, and YOU get crossplot, WE ALL GET CROSSPLOT! Get ready for all kinds of shared story with Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Florida. Let’s be real, we’ve already got our buddies at a lot of these branches so we’re just building on the goodness.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s talk about that shmoney, honey.

Part of ‘shifting the focus to local’ also means the marketing and sales focus.

  • Advanced memberships will still have the same benefits, but now you’ll be buying them through us, you fave local branch. This will go into effect after the price change.

  • The same will go for all that good-good merch. We’ll sell it ourselves AND and get more options for customizing AND we’ll get a larger cut. 

So...anything else? 

This is most of it, fam. This last piece is a request to keep the hate at nil or low. Someone is gonna say this is a move to return of the LARP Illuminati days and like, just turn that down. We promise the only conspiracy action we’re about involves like, Final Knights. Or witches. Or ⛵. (Yes yes, fuck boats.)

LLC provides a ton of stuff for us that, real talk, we desperately don’t want to have to make happen at a local level. Database purchase, design and maintenance? Ew. Wholesale deals on merch? Yuuuuuck. Balance mechanics? It’s a no from me, dawg. Let us focus on the emotional MMA and fake blood side of the equation.

There’s for real a ton of value in the stuff LLC does behind the scenes for us and they get a lot of hate and spite. 

So really the base here is that we, as a group, decided to empower the branches and re-focus on our local communities first - and we think this’ll make us a better group all around. 

SO. Feel your feelings, because we know you have them. Drink some water, because we have another blistering event kicking off tomorrow. And remember that the strength of all of this is the community, and that shit ain’t going anywhere. 💪💪💪

-Krista & Maddy

Region Map.jpg