40Watt Battle Buddy System!

40 Watt has a bit of a rep for lacking a singular vision, but I think we can agree that there’s something we all feel strongly about, both IG and OOG: making our new players feel awesome and helping them have great first experiences! We’ve had a lot of interest from y’all about becoming more involved in welcoming new players, so I’m super excited to introduce a new program. Get ready for…(drumroll please)...the Battle Buddy program! 

Battle Buddies is the brainchild of your fave new player guides looking for cool ways to help orient and integrate new players + some of y’all awesome established players looking to become more involved in the new player experience. There are some things that new players need to learn that we could just tell them out of game...or, we could do it in game and encourage new character ties and shared storytelling! Plus, I know I’m more likely to remember where the artisan crafting table is if it’s accompanied by an anecdote about almost getting ganked on that there bench by a gotdam gorehound!

I’m intrigued. How do I know if I’m qualified?

Well, let’s see! Do you…

...have at least 3 Georgia games under your belt?

...typically plan to be on-site and in-character Friday night?

...actively embrace our community standards and live by the 10ft rule?

If you said yes to all of these, then heck yeah, you’re qualified! We want to be very clear that all are welcome to apply - you don’t have to be a guide, or have an extroverted personality, or have a character with lots of IG resources. You all bring something cool to the table and have the capacity to positively affect a new player!

I’m sold. What will this look like at game?

Your character will become a Community Partner of the Solestros Tourism Board. You’ll meet the Solestros Extra at the pavilion an hour after game on and wait for the new player mod to reach you. The Extra will introduce you to your buddy and you may do any combination of the following: give your buddy a tour of site, introduce them to teachers, explain crafting areas, tour the faiths, die loudly to surprise raiders, and more exciting adventures! You and your buddy are under no obligation to spend the whole weekend together, but we ask that your characters be friendly and that you’re reasonably available as a resource.

If you’d like to be a New Player Battle Buddy - here’s your link to sign up!