Spicy but Wholesome

Heya Wattsons.

So I’m about some real-talk, buckle up.

I’m Krista. Bryan brought me on as a partner because of my experience and success in running Dystopia Rising: Arkansas with a team of amazing individuals. For Grin & Bury LLC (the company behind Dystopia Rising: Georgia) Bryan manages the financial and legal aspects while I manage operations. 

I’ve got a ton of history of management, leadership (not the same thing), herding cats (organizing) and other shtuff. I’ve worked everything from the food industry to the military and now my day job is External Communication for the AR Department of Transportation. What this reaaalllly boils down to is I’ve done a lot of stuff but my expertise is in communication and using that communication to achieve things.

Values. To me, this is how you really know a person. I value the following things, not in order of importance but just how they come up in m’brain: truth, community, safety, transparency, communication (and the effort we put into it). There’s more but that’s all I got for now - feel free to engage me on the topic. 

On the line of community - I believe in the idea called ‘Ubuntu’ which says that a person reflects the qualities in the community and vice versa. So when I see Halden’s creativity and kindness, I am creative and kind. When I see Maddy’s skillz in communication, I try to develop those same skills - because that’s what I find in my community. I typically sum this up with ‘I am because you are.’

Okay - now to the spicy shit. When I joined I was given a run-down of what was the main Employee team (Halden, Maddy & Taryn) was up to and I talked to each of them (and Bryan) to figure out where we were, but also where we wanted to go. One of their concerns was the uncertain standing of Kat and Charles, as neither of them were firmly defined in the odd space of ‘professional LARP employee’. I talked to Kat and found that she had skills and connections to further educate herself in the space of Visual Design and hired her for that position.

I had every intention of talking to Charles and it’s 100% on me, because in the hustle and bustle I forgot to make that appointment and talk to him before making my decision and publicizing it. Once I realized my mistake I reached out to Charles. I apologized and sat down to talk with him about making space on the team since he was interested. That conversation ended with both of us realizing it wouldn’t be a good fit, but there was no animosity and, so far as I know, forgiveness from Charles for my lapse. 

Since then, Kat has gotten a LOT of undeserved hate for what was my mistake. So ya’ll - do me a favor and point that hate my way instead of at her. Or reach out and talk to me, I have zero problems talking you through my end of it and apologizing to you as well if my actions caused you or your friends pain.

Another bit of spice, Bryan only manages the legal and financial (which, tbh I really appreciate cause ew, legal). He doesn’t make decisions unless to tell us something isn’t in the budget. The team makes -all- the decisions for everything you do and don’t see that isn’t money. We work as equals and help one another with our responsibilities and if we need an ‘owner’ to sign off on something - that’s me, not Bryan.

So aaaallllll those things ya’ll hate cause ‘Bryan decided’ to do something? That’s us. We did that or made that decision. Why’m I making this clear? Cause man, there’s nothing more hurtful to a woman in any industry (let alone a gaming one) to be told that there’s a man behind the curtain making decisions instead of her. I’d rather get hate for making a decision than hear it attributed to some guy that wasn’t involved.

That’s a lot of spice, and it’s a lot of spice right before game - but I’d rather give it to ya’ll before game and give you a chance to talk to me in person (Hi! I’ll be at check-in! :) ) than to wait until after and ruin good-vibes you had from telling stories with your friends in the woods.

So I’ll see ya’ll at camp; hugs, smiles and tears all welcome. And if you think I’m missing a part of the story, come talk to me. I’ll be OOC all game helping keep things running and pitching in where needed so I’ll have plenty of time to step out of character and have a chat with anyone who wants/needs one.