Vote #2: Isn't It Time You Settled Down?

In August, we asked you a question. Do you want a stable settlement in 40Watt, along with everything- the government, the laws, the politics that comes with it? Or would you rather that the Waystation remain as part of a lawless wasteland?

You answered! At a margin of almost double, you voted for a proper settlement.

So a settlement you shall have!

Here’s some out of character insight on what that will look like:

The reason we’ve always avoided having a settled area, a government, and laws is because we wanted to avoid what has happened in far too many games-- namely, one person or group takes over all the plot, takes it into a room with the door shut, and ices everyone out. And that’s no fun! So fuck that!

But you’re adults. You’re mature, capable LARPers, and we believe that you can handle a government system. If it starts to become a problem, we can reassess, but for now, this is the method we’ve devised to enable political RP for those who are interested, without giving all the plot cookies to three people.

Once a year, a leader- referred to a a Head Electrician- will be elected. This leader serves a term of one year - October to October. At the end of the term, they are ritually killed by the town. Former Head Electricians may not run for an advisory board position for at least one year after serving as leadership.

The leader is a single person, but has several advisors.

The advisory roles are a Crafter Representative, a Combat Representative, a Medical Representative, and a Diplomacy Representative. (You don’t have to be a character focused or built for these areas to run, but qualifications always help.) Each person gets one vote in important matters, but the Head Electrician serves as a tiebreaker.

The advisory roles may not be run for multiple years in a row. You must skip a year before running for reelection or for another advisory role. An advisor may, however, run for Head Electrician if they choose.

People may not run on group or joint tickets. Each role is run solo.

People may only be elected if they’ve run of their own free will. If nobody runs for a position in a given year, an NPC will be placed in a temporary role to cover the position.

If someone dies of natural causes while Leader, the death DOES NOT count towards their death at the end of the term. 

All the stipulations on what the IG 40Watt government will look like are a direct answer to that problem. This is the answer we have come up with, but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone! We are more than happy to take feedback and potentially change this system over time.

To assist with the 3.0 transition and to cover the timeskip, we’re choosing to have our first in-play vote happen in October. September will see an NPC leadership that will be replaced by players in October. This gives you all a chance to acclimate to the new rules, assess where your character is after the timeskip, and decide if and how your character might run for office.

The other thing I’d like to remind everyone is that, ultimately, a player government can only take over all the plot if plot runs that way. And, quite frankly, we have no intention of that. While politics will play an important role in the game plot, it will never play the only role, and it may not even be the central role. So don’t worry if you don’t want to play politics-- they’re far from the only game in town.

In character, here’s what your PC will know:

Decades ago, shortly after the fall, things were... different. The Waystation was once a thriving, bustling settlement, a place that served as a magnet to hundreds of survivors after the fall. It was doing well as an agricultural center.

Until The City on The Hill came along. Claiming pre-war land rights (when anyone even sort of still cared about those things), they decimated the trade in the area, using superior tech and resources to burn fields, form blockades, and generally prevent the people of the Waystation from being able to survive unless they swore allegiance to the City.

Many people fled. Others pledged and went to work for the City. Others stubbornly held out, but were pushed to the borders and boundaries of the area.

The memory of this event is only kept alive by the few descendents of those original settlers who stayed... the 40Watt Club. These are the people who passed on the knowledge of the old system to the new Wattsons.

As the town came together in the bloody aftermath of the War for The Waystation, the 40Watt Club told this story. The town decided to stay, to make the Settlement the thriving place it once was, with the old government system restored.

The last three years have been a time of recovery and peace in the area. Several different members of the 40 Watt Club have led the government council. Things have been going well.

Really, really well.

But the rest of that is a story for another blog post. Talk to you soon…