Vote #1: The Real Enemy is the Friends We Made Along the Way!

Hey folks! You’re probably wondering what the results were of the May game’s vote. We were super excited to pour out these boxes and find out for ourselves.

As a reminder (in case you didn’t know), 3.0 is coming soon, and with it, a three year jump forward in time. A LOT can happen in three years (look at everything that’s happened in 40 Watt in one year) so we wanted to make some genre updates to reflect that.

And it just wouldn’t be right to make these changes without involving you, the players and denizens of this world we’ve built together.

Thus, we’re doing a series of votes for the type of content you’ll see in the post-timeskip world. The first was this past game in May, where you got to decide which primary threat you wanted to encounter in the world: Zed, Other people and factions, or Raiders?

They each have their ups and downs. Zed is a well known threat in 40Watt, but relentless. Raiders aren’t seen nearly as much, but can be learned the way Zed can. People... well. People all have their own unique motivations and ability levels. But people at least have emotions and minds that can reason.

So which threat did 40 Watt choose?

Drumroll please...

Image from iOS (1).jpg


Turns out the REAL threat was the friends we made along the way!

So what’s that mean?

Basically, this means that, in the post-3.0 world, there will be hardcore enemy factions that the Wattsons will have to regularly face down. You’ve already gotten a taste of this with the City on The Hill and with the Moonrunners (ooooh I wonder if they’ll be involved somehow...)

Are Raiders and Zed going away? No, absolutely not! They just won’t be the PRIMARY threat of the world. The roaming threats of Raiders and Zed won’t go anywhere, but they’re far less likely to be The Big Bads and you may see more real people serving as the roaming threats.

What’s to come?

Next month, in June, we won’t have a vote, as we’re expecting a high level of travel players, and the game itself is going to be a very different vibe than most games. (Reminder: We’ll be at Camp Rutledge, rather than our usual sites!)

In July, we’ll return to our vote (and AHS) and will be deciding on something a little more personal: Should we update the playable Strains?

Note that, for this decision, all CURRENT characters will be fully grandfathered in even if their Strain changes status, and it will be up to the Story team to decide which Strains are appropriate for the setting, but we will take player feedback into consideration! And there is going to be some type of update guaranteed, as Strains themselves are changing in 3.0. This vote will decide how extreme that change will be.

We’re so happy with these results and encourage you to be thinking about your vote for July. See you in June!

- The DR:GA Team