Alternate Characters

This form is for Existing Players looking to submit a Second Character (Base Membership), a Third Character (Advanced Membership), or for non-local players submitting a Second or Third Character (Advanced Membership).

Rewrites or retires

Before you attend your third event, we encourage you to review the rulebook and identify if there are any aspects of your character you would like to change. You have the option to melting down completely for the XP to then build a new character or to change your strain, profession, or skills will staying the same character.

Please refer to the rulebook for all restrictions on professions and skills based on strain and profession choices. These are open cells and will not notify you of an invalid choice. 

Player Information
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Character Information
For Remnants
You have 13 points to spend between your skills and Mind/Body. Please list your starting skills. You can choose from the Open list, your Strain list, or your Profession list. Please include how much build this skill costs.
How do you want to spend your final point of build from character creation?
If you are a Nation of Accensor or a Priest, your character may start baptized in a faith.
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