Where do I check in for the first time?

Check in for all players is located at Logistics. You can check here to see where Logistics is located at this months site.

Do I need to bring my own phys reps for weapons?

Yes, you need to bring your own combat safe weapons. All weapons will be checked for safety by a team member ahead of time.

Where's a good site to get boffer/latex weapons?

There are several sites where you can order boffer/latex weapons. Medieval Collectibles has a range of latex weapons to choose from (the foam-injected weapons sometimes do not pass safety, so please steer toward latex weapons). We also have a variety of crafters who can help you out on the Facebook group, Dystopia Rising Crafting Group.

Will I have a bed as a new player?

We reserve sleeping space for New Players and make it a priority to ensure sure you get a bed at your first game. You will need to bring your own bedding/a sleeping bag as well as any toiletries and other items you need for overnight camping.

Pre-reg doesn't seem to be open! What's up with that?

If pre-reg is sold out or doesn't seem to be available, it's likely because it's past the Tuesday before game. Pre-reg closes the Tuesday before game so that our team has time to print out your sheet and assemble pre-reg packets.

Can I pre-reg as a new player?

You can indeed pay before game as a new player. However, you'll still need to go through the player number and character creation process at the event. We ask that you start here.

Should I bring a flashlight?

Any flashlight you bring should have a red gel on it so that the light itself is red. This helps prevent ruining your own (or someone else's) night vision.

Where do I get my player number?

You'll receive your player number at your very first game during character creation. If you create a character ahead of time feel free to bring in the character's information and we'll use that to create your character.

Are there certain Strains I can't play?

Not all Strains are available for play at Dystopia Rising: Georgia, and some are restricted. Check out our Strain Restrictions page for full information.

What if I need uninterrupted sleep for medical reasons?

If you need uninterrupted sleep for medical reasons please reach out to us directly at Contact@DystopiaRisingGeorgia.com.

Should I expect attacks at night?

Dystopia Rising is a fully-immersive, horror survival game, which means that there may be times at night when zombies, mass murderers, and/or other creatures may attack.

How much roleplay is involved in this game?

Dystopia Rising is a fully immersive game, which means that from game on to game off you'll BE the alternate persona that you create. We encourage everyone to remain in character at all times which means that discussions about the latest episode of Game of Thrones should wait until after the game is over.

If you need a break, you can absolutely head off site without any issue.

What do I do for my Non-PLAYER Character (NPC) block?

Each and every player does an NPC block, where they're given roles to act out in the world. You may be put into makeup to be a zombie, or you may be a person interacting in the world.

Before your NPC block, get changed into black clothing that's not your character's clothing. Leave your boffer weapons and character costuming under your sleep space or put a dark cloth over it to mark it as out-of-game while you're on your NPC block. Then head over to Ops (Site Information can be found here) with the out-of-game symbol (one hand on top of your head) or in a green headband. When you arrive, you'll be told what you're doing.

What do I do for food?

We do not provide food, so make sure to bring enough for the weekend. When packing food, consider what looks "genre" for the apocalypse. Get rid of packages and wrappers ahead of time and use cans, jars, paper bags, and other materials to disguise modern food.

Please note that these are just some of the more-commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please email Directors@DystopiaRisingGeorgia.com