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These nocturnally and subterranean-oriented folk live primarily in the ruins of pre-fall urban centers, now ruined hellholes. They are often at odds with the strains in Georgiabama, due to both their eating and social habits. The lives of those who make Resurgens their home are hard and violent, but Lascarians see the worst of that violence and warfare. Even after generations of fallout and fighting there are still multiple Lascarian Hives that vie for dominance over the darkest spaces in the ancient city ruins.

It is unheard of to find any of the other denizens of Resurgens in the heart of the city after sundown, as all aboveground residents of the ruins know that in the dark, ‘Downtown’ is only a place to die as prey for the hungry, both living and deceased. Within this area, there are three separate Hives vying for control of the Underground, a giant maze of ancient crumbling parking decks, old retail spaces, transportation infrastructure, and sewers. 

Roleplay Guidelines

Lascarian culture is primitive, throwing away high culture and social structures in exchange for savage minimalism. Weapons, food, armor, and medicine are all that interest a Lascarian. For each Lascarian you see above the surface, you can be sure that half a dozen wait beneath who will never see the light of day, waiting for the shipments from the strong scouts that were sent out.

Costuming Guidelines

Lascarians  are  modern  primitives  in  every  sense  of  the  word.  They  dress  in  dark  colors,  favoring  ripped  leathers  and  ragged  clothes  pieced  together  from  scraps  with  no  regard  to  ‘modern’  fashion,  often  in  numerous  piecemeal  layers  that  only  form  an  outfit  when  combined.  It  is  unusual  for  a  Lascarian  to  show  much  skin  in  any  event,  even  during  the  summer  months,  and  dark  glasses  or  goggles  are  a  must  for  their  surface  trips,  as  well  as  hoods,  cowls  or  broad-brimmed  hats  to  help  keep  off  the  hated  sun.  Even  two  Lascarians  from  the  same  clan  may  look  completely  different,  given  that  their  fashion  is  almost  entirely  scavenged,  though  those  that  know  what  to  look  for  will  usually  find  some  common  marker–  a  strip  of  a  certain  color  cloth,  a  painted  twist  of  leather,  a  bit  of  rope  tied  around  the  wrist,  etc.  –  that  indicates  their  common  ancestry.  Small  trophies  are  also  popular,  worn  where  they  can  impress  friends  and  serve  as  a  warning  to  enemies.  There  is  no  place  for  a  politician  in  the  Lascarian  culture,  and  tribes  are  ruled  by  the  strongest.


CannibalismAny recently dead humanoid is a feast for a Lascarian. By eating the corpse, they regain health


Light SensitivityUnless a Lascarian is completely covered from the sun by their clothing, skills are more expensive to use

Character Archetypes

In Dystopia Rising, you start with one Profession. This Profession should define how you portray your character and will give you access to more skills for you to purchase with your experience points. We've broken the nearly forty professions down into six categories. This process is built to make character creation more streamlined to those new to the system, but at any point you absolutely can create your own character from scratch directly from the rulebook.

Before we get into the different archetypes, we want to highlight that every single character can fight and defend themselves, use cool items, and participate in the economy and socialization that takes place in the world. Picking a specific archetype is more about what your characters focus will be and less about what your character will avoid.


To build weapons, armor, food, drinks, and any of the over one thousand items in the game, you need raw materials. Materials can be found through scrounging, farmed in a garden, fished from the lake, hunted in the woods, broken down from enemy weapons, or traded/purchased from others on your way into town.

FarmerGather herbs during the event get produce at check in
FishmongerGet all sorts of Fish during the event
HunterHunt for all manner of Produce during the event
JonesExplore the ruins of the old world at check in
ScavengerScrounge herbs, scrap, and other things during the event


The skill needed to turn raw materials into finished goods is nothing to scoff at. Many professions allow individuals to dabble here and there with the basic creation of brews or patching up broken weapons and armor. Below you'll find the professions that exemplify mastery of each craft. Each path is easy to start but will take time to master.

CookUtilize herbs and produce on an Engineered Kitchen to make food that gives in game benefits
DistillerUtilize herbs on an Engineered Still to make brews that give in game benefits
EngineerUtilize an Engineered Forge to make Stills, Kitchens, Workbenches, Forges, Printing Tables, and more
Mad ScientistUse Science! to make unique and awesome gadgets
PrinterMake copies of blueprints used by all crafters to create items
TinkerBuild, improve, and repair weapons, armor, and gizmos on an Engineered Workbench


Navigating the social landscape of a new settlement can be a challenge for those trying to make a name for themselves. Through how they command a room or their ability to make deals and trades, a good socialite knows when its their turn to talk and when its time to listen.

Caravan DriverCan trade different levels of scrap and herb at check in
EntertainerThe life of the party. Able to restore mindpoints through performing for an audience
MerchantKnowledgeable with rumors and the seedier side of the market, Merchants can easily identify a good deal
PoliticianThe socialite jack of all trades. They can command a room while also protecting their back
PublicanSomeone prepared for all situations and ready to make money doing so
TeacherAble to efficiently learn lores faster and easier than anyone else


When people are hurt, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, they'll need someone to rely on. Whether that's through a quick bandaid, a medical procedure, a deep discussion about faith, or a hard discussion about why you feel how you do, a support character has the right tools for the job.

DoctorThe most proficient class for restoring hitpoints
PriestSpiritual community leader able to channel their faith to fix almost all your problems
PsionistAn abomination of the Gravemind. Much of what they do has consequences but they're great at keeping people alive
JonesExplore the ruins of the old world at check in
SawbonesField medics. No profession can get people quickly and safely patched up better than them.


The prim and proper way of conducting business can sometimes take ages. Maybe there are just some things you want to get your hands on that other people would rather you not have. At the end of the day, there's a buyer and seller for nearly everything out there. You decide whether you're pushing a seat at a card table or a highly addictive drug that could save your life (if you don't use it recreationally first)

CharlatanSilver-tounged masters of converation. They know how to talk their way out of every situation
GamblerQuick hands and a quicker wit. You'll find these individuals winning cards and dice or being thrown out for cheating
Hook-UpIs there something you want that you can't find? Well I know a guy who knows a guy...
Ring LeaderSpans the gamut between a charismatic tough leader and someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty
ScoundrelThe criminals version of a Jack of All Trades
SpyThe type of person who can hide right in front of you, whether in shadows or in disguise
ThiefAnything that's not nailed to the table is basically asking for a free ride in this person pouch


Everyone can swing a bat or shoot a gun but not everyone can do it with the finesse it takes to make a career out of it. The bond between these individuals, their weapons, and their goals is one that you should not interfere with.

AssassinStealthy contract killer that works for the Guild
GuardStrong defensive combatant and protector
GunslingerAn honorable sharp shooter
Martial ArtistSlick, close combat fighter
OfficerVersatile and specialized fighter
PrimitiveDeadly close and ranged combatant
PugilistPit fighter
SniperStealthy gun aficionado
SoldierMelee rock star
ThugDirty fighting close combatant