The City on The Hill has fallen.
Thanks to the bold moves of the strategic minds huddled around the war table...
Thanks to the front line fighters who faced down the hoard of zed...
Thanks to the medics who kept people up and fighting...
Thanks to the crafters who made the brews and outfitted the forces...
Thanks to the six people who sacrificed their lives to sever the sympathetic Morgue...

Thanks to all of 40Watt and their allies working together, the City - seat of the oppressors since before the Fall, home to cannibals and Final Knights and oligarchs, the boot on the neck of the region, the ones that kept 40Watt in poverty for their own selfish gain - crumbled.

Predictably, a power vacuum formed. The world held its breath as groups rose, expressing an interest in taking over what the City had.

Unpredictably... rational thought and care for your fellow survivor won the day.

The City was looted and burned to the ground. What’s there is now sometimes, derisively, referred to as the crater on the hill. The goods that came from the place were divided among the region, used to provide a much needed jumpstart to the busted economy of the area. Nobody got any war spoils. But no hand that helped was left empty.

It was decided the the 40Watt Waystation should become more permanent. More settled. A form of government left over from the post-Fall days was put into place. Treaties and formal allyships were created. The creation of formal laws was tabled for a few years as the government (which has, to this point, mostly been various members of the 40 Watt Club) got itself established.

And through it all, they were helped along the path by a mysterious book. The book that had been recovered from the Digsite offered invaluable insight into a variety of topics, from sustainable farming methods to sanitization for field surgery to ways to keep your cool in a tense negotiation. This book has served as they keystone to the rebirth of 40Watt, resulting in a boom of technology and industry... and a stunningly green one, at that.

The period of rebuilding was a difficult one. It was a year and a half of hard-fought battles, fighting off outsiders who wanted to take over (and there’s no proof those have all been done away with, even today...) and endless hours of diplomatic meetings to try and make something good of the ashes.

But it was well worth the fight. The 40Watt that stands today is not just good... it’s wonderful.

Perhaps through sheer good fortune, or perhaps because some higher power decided they’d suffered enough, the area avoided the worst of what many other areas saw. No massive, three-year long barrage of zed. No radstorms. No fires. It wasn’t a fully peaceful time, it wasn’t without its difficulties and dangers. But the 40Watt that stands today is greater than it ever has been.

We now stand on the edge of a new election and with it, the creation of a new set of laws that will help decide what 40Watt wants to look like in the coming years. The outside world is not without its threats, but the inside world is, for now, at peace, as many of the far-flung Wattsons who’ve spent time travelling now have a homecoming.

No matter what challenges await the reborn 40Watt, the Wattsons have had three years to develop, build, and reforge themselves, the area, and each other. They’re ready to tackle whatever challenge arises to face them, head on.


This loose association of town elders make up the governing body of 40 Watt. They are a group of Nation of Ascensor and Irons that follow various Virtues of the Kings Court, Hedons, and a decent scattering of Telling Visionists. They are community positive and have managed to organize a good amount of music to shine through this southern region. Most disputes are tabled till after the Saturday night parties when everyone is good and relaxed.

The 40 Watt Club remains as they’ve always been - largely unchanged by the passage of time, a constant force for good and order in the area. The last three years, almost all of the town’s elected officials have been of this group.


The local Road Crew is a group of Kings Court Irons that make sure those traveling the roads and paths to 40 Watt are healthy and well equipped so they can safely travel to and from the town for trade and entertainment. These friendly townsfolk are some of the first people a newcomer is likely to meet on road to this waystation. Scrappers, tinkers, and engineers they keep an eye out for trouble and those in need while bringing in finds from the local countryside.

This particular contingent of Wattsons come into conflict on a regular basis with the Moonrunners and the effects of their activity in the area. Both angry at their disregard for their peaceful community and the leadership of their town taking an even-handed approach the Road Crew tries to take proactive action to protect the waystation without getting too aggressive... yet.

Wilco Tribe

The tribe that once defended the borders of the Waystation from Raider threats walked after the Wattsons prioritized “witches” over their help. They are far gone by now, no longer a presence in the area.

Wilco Tribe called the lands around 40 Watt home since before the Waystation grew from the dust of the road and rust of the past. As more travelers began to pass through the region, Wilco was strongly influenced by tenants of both the Sainthood of Ashes and the Cult of the Fallow Hope. Tribesfolk that were baptised into the Sainthood were colloquially referred to as the Sacred Harpers, while outsiders referred to the Fallow Hope cultists as the Ramblin Men.


Dead and gone now, they were once the primary mercenary force for The City, DJs who’d made a pact at teh Crossroads and been tricked into becoming Final Knights. Their name is now an insult, but their old priests are still rumored to be at large…

Previously the Moonrunners ran everything under the moon in southern Georgiabama. Their members were most often Diesel Jocks of the Kings Court and the Final Knights. These individuals formed a loose alliance across clans to aid each other with the goal of joining the Cult of the Crossroads. Usually these troublemakers were found working in pairs: one Knight and one Court. They were a thorn in the side of the The South and 40 Watt in particular for some time.

The Children of Death

The mysterious hooded figures that work behind the scenes in the area, fulfilling some dark purpose for the Mortis Amaranthe. Most know next to nothing about them, but that their work involves anomalies…and mushrooms.


The Collective (Cult) of Kinetic Energy is still just as wild and crazy as ever. Some are considered war heroes thanks to their efforts in defeating the City, but that doesn’t make them any less out-there (or any less willing to sample their own experiments).

Fort b

Now filled with Digitarians, Fort B is still very similar to how they’ve always been. Now, however, they’re a little more willing to trade and work with the other people of the greater Georgiabama area, who have (in their eyes) proven themselves far more capable.

Gang Greene

Retrogrades have had a rough go of it. They’re born with faces better suited to the dead, they’re constantly oozing blood or pus, and if they aren’t mistaken for Zed they’re mistaken for Raiders. Sometimes they’re only “mistaken” for something else and just outright murdered. Gang Greene just isn’t having any of it. They’re a group of Retrogrades who are often young and angry at the world. They want to lash out and punish other people for how Retrogrades are frequently treated, fairly or not. They form raiding parties that roll through towns attacking and mutilating the faces of anyone who looks too good or too proud, and stealing their resources before moving on.

The Georgiabama Jones Collective

Spearheading the effort to uncover secrets of the past and translate mysterious pre-fall texts, they welcome any local Jones to their rank who requests membership and presents an original Thesis - any document based on their original research of an area of the pre-fall world, usually supported by archaeological finds. They are the nearest thing the area has to a formal academic school.

The Guidestones

The Cell of the Guidestones offers guidance and judicial overview to other Red Star cells of the Redeemed South and even their allies when called upon. Many cells look to this one for insight or to help dispense justice. This service is an exercise in intellectual debate as well as a tool of survival by fostering useful relationships in the region, protecting their interests and existence in a land unkind to those without faith. They are more welcoming to Wattsons than ever before, due to the legacy of one of their own dying for the War cause.


A massive former airfield, this gigantic complex still forbids visitors who aren’t DJs or with a DJ clan, but the powerful Delta Clan is now extinct, creating room for newer, less toxic blood. They’re now (at least) willing to make visits and do trade.


Junction is run by the Pyrometals, and is doing better than ever. In fact, most of the non-HAJA DJs in the area now call the Junction scrapyards home. A tradition has formed where the Waystation trade meets move to Junction in the winter months, in honor of the great friendship between the two settlements.


A civil war, followed by a plague, followed by another war has all but destroyed the MARTA Hives. Those who remain are less organized, more desperate, and more violent than ever.

The outbreak Organization

Where Mercy has been forced to fall back, the Outbreak Organization has stepped in. These are the first line of defense in any medical, infectious emergency. They’re generally preferred to Mercy, as they’re much less likely to stand back and “observe” your symptoms for a few weeks before trying to fix you.


The ruins are as the ruins have always been - massive, groaning piles of steel and concrete, bending from their own weight, baking under the glow of radiation and the force of the oppressive summer sun. Gangs patrol the streets and laugh at the rubes outside their perimeter who can’t handle the turf wars and radiation.

The Sacred Harpers

Where the Wilco Tribe once stood now stand the Harpers. The Sacred Harpers are a group of Fallow Hopes and Sainthood who are fully devoted to the cause of the second chance. Each member joined of their own volition, as a way to make up for some sin of the past. They now offer redemption to those who seek to join their ranks and stand in service to the Georgiabama area.

The Settlement of Radiant Mercy

The Freedom War hit this settlement hard. They were bombed multiple times and many of their number died. Losses are difficult to calculate since entire wings of the facility were sealed off - wings that may have contained active Cryopods. Those who survived dug themselves out and rebuilt with what they had. While their strange experiments continue, their power has decreased quite a bit.

The Tourism Board

A group of grassroots Wattsons, supplemented by the Solestros who were glad to partner with them after the City’s fall, this group’s entire mission is to make travellers and newcomers feel welcome. They occasionally receive supply subsidies from the Guidestones, who fully support their mission.


‘Wanted: Zed or Alive’ is as active as ever, on a mission to bring the news (no matter who doesn’t want to hear it) with regular broadcasts reaching far and wide through the Georgiabama region. They are headed up by a fellow named Ponce, who is ascended and plugged directly into the mainframe as well as their logistical manager, Ghost, and an occasional wandering co-host, Brother Wuxtry. They are staffed by a team of interns called Caspers, who still make regular trips to the local areas for assistance.

Financial Institutions of 40-Watt



Around since the start, Pyrometals are your friendly neighborhood craftspeople. They’re fully unionized, largely Hedon Crafters of Sin, always working for their weekend. If it’s industrial, they work on it.

Triple P Farms.png

Triple P Farms

Some of the Pure Bloods reintegrated with society better than others. These are some especially crafty Pure Bloods who somehow managed to hold onto their farmland. They now consider themselves genteel farmers. They have competitive prices and high quality, rare farmed goods. The best for those who can afford it. Unafraid of “aggressive business dealings”.

Wattsons Farming & Agri.png

Wattson Farming and Agriculture

The WFA has grown and blossomed into a thriving community farmstead. They’re proud of their work. They may not be the fanciest, they may have to struggle hard to survive, but they charge a fair price and are always there to help out their neighbors.

Little Vegasia.png

Little Vegasia

The Vegasian diaspora has led to a small settlement just outside of 40-Watt that’s affectionately called “Little Vegasia”. They have a strong presence at the trade meets, selling their goods. In the front, you’ll see all manner of goods, especially luxury goods, sold as cheap knockoffs and “fell off the back of a caravan” prices. If you’re of a criminal mindset, they might even cut you in on some backroom deals where the especially sketchy stuff happens.

Gold Line.png

Gold Line Dealers

The MARTA Lascarians might have taken some serious hits, but if anyone survived it’s the Gold Line. They’ll still happily sell arms, armor, and medical supplies to the highest bidder. Money talks, don’t get messy with morality.

Supper Club.png

The Supper Club

While some Pure Bloods integrated well with 40Watt society, others….didn’t. Formed in the aftermath of the war by former City dwellers who managed to get out with enough money to burn on reliving some of their old lifestyle. This secretive group is now no longer strictly Pure Bloods, but you have to show major money to get in. They buy and sell luxury products to help them chase their expensive habits, and have been known to hire for things relating to the Most Dangerous Game. They’re unwilling to let their old lives go, and they don’t care who dies to make it happen.