When the 40 Watt Waystation was built many came to resettle in the area to start a new life. With the aid of allies, like Rovers, all kinds of folk migrated to the region to make a home of the lands near and beyond and within the swamps to the south. They were looking for a place to live as peaceful as the roaming dead and wild animals would allow. To some such creatures are far less fearsome foes than their fellow living, breathing people of various strains.

Many caravans had established routes running south to the Rum Coast and passed several smaller settlements. Many Irons, Vegasians, Mericans, and other strains signed onto these caravans after starting new lives working for and joining their families or just traveling alongside for protection. As the foot traffic grew a new Waystation developed as a middle point between major ports of trade.

As many of these travelers were pledged to or friends of those who followed the Virtues of the Kings Court it became a new tradition to make camp in the lee of a hill, get out the instruments, and strum a tune before turning in and moving on in the morning despite their various faiths and backgrounds.

Eventually some less travel-minded decided to stay in the area when the caravan moved on. Those folk made the place their home and through thick and thin they built up a sizable trade in scrap uncovered from an unexpected trove beneath the hill now locally known as Mount Treasure. Over time a community was born and eventually, after much sweat and tinkering, lit with captured firelight. This place became known as 40 Watt for the soft glowing bulbs that light the stage every Saturday evening.

40 Watt has grown into a modest refuge somewhat hidden from more aggressive wildlife, undead, and raiders as there is relative safety in Mount Treasure’s shadow. While the town center includes a meeting house and some communal buildings for travelers and traders, many dozens of people live in the swamps and hills in the acres around the town, in well hidden hovels, and highly defended cottages. The lush and plentiful foliage of the region helps obscure hideaways in plain sight.


This loose association of town elders make up the governing body of 40 Watt. They are a group of Nation of Ascensor and Irons that follow various Virtues of the Kings Court, Hedons, and a decent scattering of Telling Visionists. They are community positive and have managed to organize a good amount of music to shine through this southern region. Most disputes are tabled till after the Saturday night parties when everyone is good and relaxed.

So far their methods of government have been low key and disputes have been mediated well between all groups. They have not been tested with any major challenges besides keeping the Moonrunners and those who support them from gaining any real leverage inside the town itself.


The local Road Crew is a group of Kings Court Irons that make sure those traveling the roads and paths to 40 Watt are healthy and well equipped so they can safely travel to and from the town for trade and entertainment. These friendly townsfolk are some of the first people a newcomer is likely to meet on road to this waystation. Scrappers, tinkers, and engineers they keep an eye out for trouble and those in need while bringing in finds from the local countryside.

This particular contingent of Wattsons come into conflict on a regular basis with the Moonrunners and the effects of their activity in the area. Both angry at their disregard for their peaceful community and the leadership of their town taking an even-handed approach the Road Crew tries to take proactive action to protect the waystation without getting too aggressive... yet.

Wilco Tribe

Natural Ones have claimed wide swathes of Georgiabama for their families, clans, and tribes since before the fall, as they tell it. Their local legends tell gallant epics of their ancestors, the Prepared - the lucky few who knew that the world would fall around them and were ready to retreat from the nuclear fire with the aid and resources of their tightly knit networks. They protected their families from nigh certain death during the fall of humanity with large caches of supplies and munitions of war.

But as time passed and generations lived and died, those caches dwindled. The machine guns and artillery rusted, jammed, and fell to disrepair, killed their wielders instead of their foes. Using the relics of the past became unsustainable, and so they grew and evolved to become masters of the wilderness, using their accrued knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and their undead enemies to use the natural world around them. They repurposed the metal of machinery into swords, axes, and armor, and the rusted remains of their ancestors’ fabrication machinery into hand tools and other ceremonial implements. They wear their history as much as their daily environment, and wield their weapons with unsurpassed mastery.

Wilco Tribe has called the lands around 40 Watt home since before the Waystation grew from the dust of the road and rust of the past. As more travelers began to pass through the region, Wilco was strongly influenced by tenants of both the Sainthood of Ashes and the Cult of the Fallow Hope. While internal tribe politics are opaque to outsiders, its well known by the locals around 40 Watt that Wilco has become a tribe of duality, strongly influenced by these faiths. Tribesfolk that have been baptised into the Sainthood are colloquially referred to as the Sacred Harpers, while outsiders refer to the Fallow Hope cultists as the Ramblin Men.

To the present, Wilco Tribe has devoted itself to the protection of 40 Watt in ways best suited to their faiths. The Sacred Harpers often take employment as post masters and act as guides found in and around of the town. The Ramblin Men work aggressively to secure the area around 40 Watt from zed, raider, and psion threats. Together they are the largest force to protect the Waystation, and in turn themselves and their interests.


The Moonrunners are said to run everything under the moon in southern Georgiabama. Their members are most often Diesel Jocks of the Kings Court and the Final Knights. These individuals have formed a loose alliance across clans to aid each other with the goal of joining the Cult of the Crossroads. Usually these troublemakers are found working in pairs: one Knight and one Court. They have been a thorn in the side of the The South and 40 Watt in particular for some time. While they have not been denied entry to to the waystation, they are disliked. The value of their trade goods, brews, and cash has bought them limited access at trade meets and they have developed closer relationships on the quiet with particular townsfolk.

This tenuous arrangement has begun to fray recently fueled by increased attempts on paving their way into this swamp town, taking ownership of it, and enabling it to becoming a major trade stop. Travelers on the way in to town have been complaining that they have started harassing those that do not buy from them.

Their reach is far and wide and most people in the town owe them a favor or two at this point as they have the uncanny ability to come up with the things you need right when you are most desperate. It’s almost as if they are granting wishes. Wishes with strings attached.