Welcome to 40 Watt

South of the radioactive wreckage of old Atlanta where urban wastelands settle into the swamps lies a little traveler’s stop named 40 Watt. Known for its prime location along trade routes between the northern reaches and and the Rum Coast, it also hosts many musicians making their way between the musical meccas of the South. This region is home to people of all strains and religions, most of whom revel in song. Within it, 40 Watt is a hidden gem tucked safely in the lee of a hill, colloquially called Mount Treasure.

Many folks have passed through this place, and some settled nearby, leaving their histories and mistakes at the territory border. 40 Watt doesn’t care about who you were and how you got here, but concerns itself on what you do now and who you become - who you are meant to be.

Behind the electric lights and revelry are watchful, hungry eyes waiting for the right moment to pull you off the righteous path. The powerful have turned their gaze from their vantage in the City on the Hill beyond the desolate urban wastes to covet this diamond in the rough, hidden in the swamps.

Your past may define you now, but you can escape it to make your future here in 40 Watt. Keep your wits about you, your money hidden, and your weapons in hand, because someone or something will always be ready to pull you under and make you disappear.