larping is playing make-believe for adults

If this is your first LARP, you might feel overwhelmed or like you don't know what's going to happen! But don't worry--you almost certainly did something like this when you were a child. The biggest difference is now we have a lot more people, cool costumes, and a beautiful place to play together! 


How does it work?

Before your first event, you'll reach out to us directly to create your character's personality and a bit of their backstory along with all of their starting abilities. We have a very active local and national Facebook group, along with specific pages for each of our events which we encourage you to use to get to know your fellow players and make connections with their characters. Once you physically get to the event, we'll walk you through New Player Orientation so that everyone is on the same page. Then the game starts shortly after.


we're all making it up

There is no script for you to follow for our events. You just focus on becoming your character--do what they would do in any situation you find yourself in. Do what you think is going to be interesting and fun for you while keeping in mind the feelings and fun of the players around you. The goal isn't to "win the game (in fact, we highly encourage that you play to lose), but rather to have an exciting adventure and come away with amazing stories to tell. That often means making choices that will get your character in all kinds of dramatic trouble!


This is a collaboration

All of our adventures are built cooperatively. The organizers build the basics of the world and the characters, and the participants bring those characters to life through their actions, costumes, and ideas. The story emerges organically from the interactions and cooperation between everyone, with results cooler and weirder than any one of us could create alone! While our characters might oppose each other, as players we're all friends working together to tell a story. Different people come from different backgrounds, from experiences LARPers of all different styles and traditions to brand new LARPers, and everyone is equally welcome. If you're feeling overwhelmed, that's totally okay! We're happy to help, please reach out and WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU.