The House of Radiant Mercy is….Throwing a Winter Gala?

The settlement of Mercy invites you back to their halls! As a show of gratitude, a previously insular tradition is being made public for the first time: the winter gala. Part formal dance, part science fair, this is the time of year when the citizens of Mercy gather together to celebrate the discoveries of the previous year.

But something strange is happening below ground. All of the wastelander's delving seems to have unleashed... something. something horrible. And hungry. Unfortunately, so far nobody has seen what it is and survived to tell about it. Every single death has returned with amnesia.

What's lurking below Mercy?

What Is This Event?

This is a chance to try out Dystopia Rising and Live Action Roleplaying, 20 minutes from Downtown Atlanta, at an amazing defunct motel called Safety Wolf (Check out our video walkthrough HERE), with our active and welcoming community, at a twelve hour single day event.

The event will be held on January 19th, 2019 with game running from 2pm Saturday to 2am Sunday. Players are encouraged to show up as early as 10am on Saturday.