Returning Player - Jan 19th One Day Event

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returning (1).jpg

Returning Player - Jan 19th One Day Event

from 30.00

Welcome to the first ever Dystopia Rising 1 Day Event!

- This is a travel game for every player (1xp base, no check in skills)

- This is not an overnight event, so don’t plan on camping

- Because of the short duration, you’ll only be playing one character (no alt swapping), but you are welcome to buy build for your alts.

- NPC shift is just 2 hours long, rather than 4, and will be chosen at the event.

Please arrive at Safety Wolf (4215 Thurman Rd, Conley, GA 30288) no earlier than 10am on Jan 19th. Game will start 2pm Saturday and end at 2am Sunday.

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