without you, there is no game

Community is the most important part of Dystopia Rising. There are so many amazing things that people can choose to do with their limited free time, so to us, choosing to spend that time with the community that we're growing together speaks volumes.

Below you will see our process for paying it forward, in an effort to help you bring more people into your community and compensate you for the effort that goes into that process. The steps below are not optional, so please make sure to follow them so that we can give proper credit.

Note: These offers are specific to Dystopia Rising: Georgia

Bring a New Player For Free

Going forward, every event that you pre-register for at Dystopia Rising: Georgia, you're able to bring one friend who has never played Dystopia Rising, to Dystopia Rising: Georgia, for free. 

What we ask of you:

  • Pre-register and self-check in for the next event.

  • Guide the New Player through our Onboarding Procces.

  • Introduce us to your New Player, by cc'ing them in an email to Contact@DystopiaRisingGeorgia.com.

What we provide:

  • +1 XP for the referring player (you!)

  • 20 AP for both you and the New Player.

  • A loaner weapon for the New Player.

  • Free First Event Ticket for your New Player