If you're interested in becoming a paid writer for Dystopia Rising: Georgia, please read through the information below and then submit a sample module through the form below.

Writers are expected to make deadlines. You can be the best writer in the world and if you don't make deadline, then we can't use your materials. Writers who are late with their materials will not be re-hired in the future.

Writers should focus on the feel of 40 Watt. If you're interested in writing for Dystopia Rising: Georgia please take a look at our Local Game Setting. We focus heavily on the concepts of Music, Community, and Deals With The Devil.

Writers should consider the season when writing modules. We ask for submissions that fit the season that mods are being written for. Please consider that when it's hot in the summer, players want to be outside or in the water. When it's winter, players prefer internal mods and more upbeat modules. When it's spring, focus on getting outside after winter and going on adventure-type modules. When it's autumn, focus on combat and heavy torture themes.

Writers submit 3-9 month arcs. The request below focuses on a single mod, but we want you to focus on creating an arc that spans over several months. We focus on consistency and living world experience, making one shots mods less desirable.

Writers CANNOT submit multiple-chapter story arcs.  While we do run cross plot, its by request and planning only. All submissions to Dystopia Rising: Georgia need to be original content not shared elsewhere.

Writers should write modules so that anyone can run them. Each module should be written in such a fashion that any Guide can look at the module and then be able to run it during game, assigning NPC roles, setting up the module site, etc.

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Writing Prompt
Please select two of the following prompts, and, using the mod structure provided, write a series of mods about them. You should select one prompt to create a stand alone mod, and another prompt to create a two to three mod arc. Keep in mind that mods should never be plain combat or roaming threat without a story to go with it. A deal with the devil An unseen monster Southern hospitality A very good deal An impossible choice