Thanks for listening in to WZOA Zed or Alive, your local source for the sounds that are sweetest, keeping the hooks of Pure Blood broadcasting from bleeding through to the our fine home here in 40 Watt. I’m your host the Ghost bringing you the news between the beats. We’ll be back to the music soon, friends.

The bounty of Mount Treasure has been treating our little station well this month. Thanks to the fine travelers to this month’s trademeet, we’ve been able to tune up our electric tech and tune our tweeters to give you a crisper, shinier sound to tune into. We tip our hats to those that have made it possible and hope to team up to claim the airwaves further afield in the future. Cheers, friends.

The fine folks over at Resurgence Pyrometals want you, dear listeners, to know that they are looking to find the best and brightest to join them in recovering scrap, making goods, and providing services to all of the Redeemed South. Seek out a Pyrometals representative during the September Trademeet if you’re looking to cut a deal - short term or longer term. They want to make 40 Watt a boom town, I hear. You know, I also heard that those Resurgence Pyrometals contracts came through and built y’all a copper mine - that’s mighty fine for all. Just be mindful that the bigger the Waystation gets, the more attention we get - good and bad.

The 40 Watt Club wanted to put out the call for able hands at the next trademeet to help maintain our public buildings and workstations we all depend on to keep us stocked on brews, food, prints, armor, and weapons. I hear that if you make sure the dining hall is really clean and tidy, it’ll be much more... refreshing to lounge around in. Give it a go, keep 40 Watt Beautiful, listeners.

While we haven’t seen so much of the Moonrunners around in numbers beyond outstanding contracts - keeping their word wasn’t something I expected - those Lascarians sure are causing a ruckus. Road Crew has put out a 2 Album Bounty on a Green Line Pack leader named ---

---white noise frequency change/interrupt


the quiet sound of pleased laughter

There we are... This is Elizabeth Catherine Isabella Victoria Turner, coming to you live from The City on The Hill, the sparkling jewel of Georgiabama.

We remind our gentle listeners that pirate radio stations are pervasive, and notorious for spreading fake news. Be sure to only tune in to legitimate, legal stations, such as those in the Turner Broadcast Family.

And now for all the news that’s fit to speak.

Citizens of The City on the Hill are invited to a formal Salon at the home of Mr. George Frank Pablo Turner, where a rustic area band called “Final Pariah” will be performing. Final Pariah has signed a contract with the Turner family, and will be their artists in residence until further notice, so expect more charmingly low-brow entertainment to come! Refreshments will be served.

And now for a word from our sponsors: House Dupri has put out a general open invitation for any recently-returned Full Dead who might be tuning in. The family would be delighted to host any interested Full Dead parties, and can assure them only the most luxurious of accommodations and warmest of welcomes. Please contact Dr. Nayvie Layklyn Jaxxon Dupri for a formal invitation.

In other news, it’s come to the attention of The City on the Hill that some of the less fortunate in Georgiabama are dealing with one of the greatest known threats to life and limb: radiation. An ambassador from the esteemed Carter family will be visiting the 40 Watt Waystation this coming trade meet, to discuss business proposals and the potential for a magnificent new partnership with those in the area. This is just another feather in the cap of the notoriously philanthropic Carters, and an act of charity we can all agree with; no one should have to suffer the effects of radiation!

I’m Elizabeth Catherine Isabella Victoria Turner and this has been a message from Turner Family Broadcasting, wishing you a pleasant day.