New to all this? Have a bunch of questions? We're here to help! This page breaks down the basics of what you need to know for your first event at Dystopia Rising: Georgia and provides you a bunch of resources for your first time to play. 

Before Your First DR Game

Our directors and Marshals are here to help you.

We have a special New Player check-in run by our New Player Marshals who can help build you a character, find you a bed and get you all of your item cards to start play. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and our New Player team will be happy to help. Prior to game, our Leadership Team is available for answering any of your questions and helping you get set up so you're good to go when you get to the event. Which ever method you prefer, we're here for you.

Basic details of world genre are in the free players guide here

All of the information you need to know about the Dystopia Rising LARP world setting can be found in the same book that provides all of our rules.

We are a community based game

We want you to to be a part of our community.  As a community we have certain guidelines that everyone must follow that are in our rule book.  You can read more about our community guidelines here, but in short, be excellent to each other. We are all here to have an awesome time doing a hobby we all love and we do our best to keep the focus on that. 

We are a part of networked play  

There are many other games that are all linked together to make a really cool living and breathing world.  Because of that, your character must be based somewhere in Georgia. While you can learn about what we've created so far, LARP is a collaborative storytelling process and we encourage you to submit areas of note that are important to your character when you write you backstory. You'll meet hundreds of other players from other chapters at Dystopia Rising, all with their own unique story to help you build a better connected world.

Preparing for the Weekend

Our site has tenting, buildings, a kitchens, showers, and flush toilets

Our site at A.H. Stephens State Park has tenting available. If you want to use the kitchen for more than microwave use, please contact us directly.  Cots, sleeping pads, extra blankets, and pillows are recommended all year round.

Personal supplies are important

Here you can find a section of our suggested supplies, we highly suggest you bring these items plus whatever personal health and hygiene items you may need.  Any items that are not genre appropriate should be stowed away in trunks or genre appropriate bags until you need them. 

Pack enough food for the weekend

Please make sure you also bring a container for water, since you'll be spending a lot of time running around.  Speaking of...

We are a 24 hour immersion game

You will eat and sleep in character.  With that try to keep your food stuffs in genre appropriate packaging and wear genre appropriate clothes to sleep.  If you must sleep out of character for medical reasons please contact us directly. Players are allowed on site as early as 4pm. At 8:30pm we'll do New Player Orientation. At 9:30pm we'll do opening announcements which will follow right into the game starting. We'll continue play until 10am on Sunday morning where we'll meet and start in on clean up.

your characters gear

Before you get to game, you'll need to put together a costume and a weapon for your character. If you are looking how to Create a Basic Contact Safe Weapon, an Advanced Contact Safe WeaponHow to Distress a Costume, or Make a Packet for guns or abilities. Your first costume can be as simple as normal clothing with a few holes, bleach, and paint. Your first weapon can easily be put together for around $10 with a PVC Pipe, a Pool Noodle, and some Duct Tape. If you have any questions about either of these aspects, please reach out to us.

Participating in Collaborative Storytelling

During the weekend, every Player will participate in a four hour shift where they'll put down their character and play as person or monster at the direction of the Storytelling Team. 15 minutes before your shift, which will be written on your character sheet, you'll change into black bottoms and tops, put all of your character belongings under your bed, grab a water bottle, then report to Monster Camp (pictured in the map below). During this shift, you'll play all sorts of people and creatures in the world in an effort to focus on providing entertainment for those playing their characters in the same way they'll be providing that for you. You can find out more information about your shift here.

At Your First Game

come check in first

When you arrive at your first Dystopia Rising: Georgia, please come to the Operations Building which we've highlighted in the picture. We want to meet you and get you a bed first, then get all your paperwork and materials you need for play. After you get to your bed, you should get changed and come back to Ops with your full costume on, any weapons you have, and your method of payment. We provide you in game equipment for all the skills you come into play with.

A.H. Stephens State Park

Have questions? Don't worry. Feel free to reach out ( and we'll help you out.