We’ll be glad to have you at your first Dystopia Rising: Georgia Event! We have some information that can help make your first visit to our game as smooth as possible.

Before you make it out to play, we recommend downloading the latest version of the Dystopia Rising Survivor's Guide. This book will explain the rules of the game, guide you through character creation, and give you an insight into the Dystopia Rising Community. This link above will take you to the DriveThruRPG website, where you can download the PDF of the Survivor's Guide completely free.

You should also read through the other links under New Players. We've worked hard to make sure that you have as much information as possible there that will hopefully answer your questions. If you read through all of that information and the information below, please please please reach out to us directly at DystopiaRisingGeorgia@gmail.com, we're here to help.

We also recommend that for your first Dystopia Rising: Georgia event you try to make it to the campsite as early as 4:00PM. This will allow you time to get all the paperwork and character creation steps out of the way, select a place to sleep while at Logistics, set up your personal space, meet people, ask questions, walk around the campsite, all before the game begins at 9:00PM.

Your first Dystopia Rising event is $20. You can pay this amount at an event or via the Preregistration link on the Dystopia Rising: Georgia main site up to 1 week before the next event. This will allow you to create your first character and get all of your paperwork handled before the event. Any future games cost $50 to register and play your primary character. Handling this online before the event, in our opinion, can significantly help reduce any anxiety you may have, as it reduces your tasks before 8:30PM to setting up your sleep space and putting on your costume. If you have questions and would like to talk to us, please reach out to us at DystopiaRisingGeorgia@gmail.com.

After arriving you will need to go to our Check-In Area which will be set up at a central building at the campsite we are using (see site specific info below). Our Logistics team will help you purchase your event admission if you haven't done so already, provide you guidance in creating your character, and provide a character sheet as well as any additional information necessary for the skills you select. 

Please make sure to bring your LARP safe weapons and armor with you to Check-In as the Safety Marshal will need to make sure everything is good to go. Item card wise, all new characters are provided starting gear that will be usable for up to 12 months.

Before New Player Orientation you will be shown where our Monster Camp is. This is where you will go when doing your four hour Non Player Character (NPC) shift for the event.  Five to ten minutes before your designated shift you’ll show up to Monster Camp in basic black clothing and be ready to help out the game as a a townsperson, miscreant, zombie, raider, or all of the above.

At 8:00PM you will meet outside of Monster Camp for the New Player Orientation. The New Player Marshal will meet you there and walk you through Orientation, which will answer any last minute questions and make sure you're ready for an awesome event. At 8:30PM we will hold Opening Announcements in the same location, where our Team will briefly go over anything necessary for the weekend before the event begins. After Opening Announcements, game will start, and the New Players will be brought to the New Player module, your first experience with Dystopia Rising’s. From there we’ll let you loose into the wild world of the Apocalypse.

If at any point in time during the weekend you still feel like you’re having a hard time getting into game, please feel free to head to Ops and express how you're feeling to our Coordination Director. For example, you could explain that you’re having a hard time getting into game as a new player and would like to be involved in some plot. We will will gladly loop you into modules to help you have a fun and exciting adventure.

After a weekend of fun, death, horror, and fear we will meet up again around 10:00AM on Sunday for Closing Announcements at Monster Camp. Here we will officially end game play and make any announcements necessary. From there you will have Group Clean Up. A Team member will lead your group, make sure the task is completed, and then sign your character sheet. Once you’re signed off for group you’ll move onto your own personal clean up. A marshal will be around to check that your space has been cleaned and will sign off on it. You will then take that sheet to where Check-Out Logistics is located to turn it in.

For reference, here’s a handy table of our general (not set in stone) Weekend Schedule.


  • Site Opens
    • 4:00PM EST
  • Logistics Opens
    • 4:00PM EST
  • New Player Orientation
    • 8:30PM EST
  • All Cars Moved Out of Game Area
    • 9:00PM EST
  • Opening Announcements
    • 9:30PM EST
  • Game On
    • 10:00PM EST


  • Play to lose!


  • Closing Announcements
    • 10:00AM EST
  • Camp Cleanup 
    • 10:15AM EST
  • Personal Cleanup
    • 11:45AM EST
  • Site Closes
    • 1:00PM EST


  • A.H. Stephens State Park
    • Infirmary
      • Check In
      • Ops
      • Post Office
      • Coordination Director On Call
      • Check Out Drop Off
    • Craft Building
      • Monster Camp
      • Opening Announcements
      • Closing Announcements
  • Indian Springs State Park
    • TBD