We’re looking for interested folk to come join the Dystopia Rising: Georgia guide team.

Guides are a position on our Team that replaces your standard NPC shift during an event. The types of positions we are looking to fill are Coordination Guides, Rules Guides, Settings Guides, and Safety Guides.

Coordination Guides

These Guides run the In Game Post Office, and help characters with crafting related tasks. This is a paperwork heavy role. Coordination marshals act as NPCs as they fill out their duties.

Rules Guides

Also known as Field Guides. They go out with modules (designed story encounters) and handle rules calls and combat related to those stories. Rules Guides may also assist in set up of module sites and props for special occasions.

Settings Guides

These Guides assist in applying makeup and help set up module sites and props for special encounters. An interest or skill in efficient but effective costume makeup application is very useful in this role.

Safety Guides

Primarily focused on Larp weapon and armor safety. This role will need to be filled by someone who can consistently be on-site and ready to start at 6pm.

We are looking for inquiries from any and all interested people, but we are encouraging women, people of color, LGBTQIA+ and other minority groups to apply to join our team. Please don’t be shy, reach out to us and say hi!

If you're not ready to fill out the form below to apply, please feel free to contact us at Contact@DystopiaRisingGeorgia.com with any questions or concerns you may have.


Please take the time to fill out this form in detail.
Using complete sentences is preferred where applicable. In many cases, this will be the first time that we really get to know more about you! The more detail can you share with us, the better we can understand who you are, and the unique perspective you can bring to our team.

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