Here is a list of items we recommend bringing with you to a Dystopia Rising event. This list is not all inclusive, but this is a good start. You are the best judge of your own comfort and needs.  Please consider what additional items you need to take care of yourself, and set the scene for your own sleeping area.

Logistics Items

Signed Release Form (available on site). Game Fee (cash or card). Pen. Socks.

Personal Gear

Toiletries. Toilet paper. Sunscreen. Bug Repellent. Personal or Prescription Medications. Hand Sanitizer. Towel. Shower Flip-Flops. NPC Clothes (black or dark colored). Change of Clothes For Weather. Game Appropriate Lightsource (Red Filtered Flashlight, LED Candles with Warm/Yellow Light). Drinking Vessel. Timepiece. Socks.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Bag. Blankets. Pillows. Spare Black/Dark Sheet to Designate Out of Game Items. Socks.


Snacks. Nonperishable Food Items. Easy to Eat Fruits or Veggies. Granola or Protein Bars. Water. Electrolyte Drinks. Socks.

Aim for foods that require little to no cooking, since there is no ‘down time’ to eat. It is highly recommended that you re-pack your food in reusable/resealable genre appropriate containers before you come to an event.

For Your Character

Make sure your costume is not only safe for running, jumping, crashing through the woods, slipping in mud and swinging combat-safe weapons, but also rugged and cheap.

There is no doubt that at some point during a Dystopia Rising event you could end up with fake blood on you and some fake blood stains on your clothes. Do not bring or wear anything to Dystopia Rising that you would be heartbroken to find damaged, stained, or destroyed.

Sometimes zombie faux blood splatters make a costume cooler, since it now has history to it; however, if your costume is something you don’t want stained, then don’t bring it. Bringing expensive, delicate, or meaningful items is a recipe for disaster.

You will want to bring a contact-safe weapon prop with you if you plan to play a combat character. There is a guide to obtaining and building safe boffer weapons for Dystopia Rising here, and ranged weapons here.


Be sure to pack PLENTY of socks. Expect to change your socks at least twice a day. You’ll find soon enough that changing your socks can change your life. Your feet will sweat far more than you’re used to while running around escaping raiders, fighting zombies, and exploring the wastes.


  • Firearms of any kind, even if you have a permit to carry. Real weapons are not allowed at Dystopia Rising Network events.
  • Alcohol as it is not allowed at State Parks or Dystopia Rising Network events.
  • Fireworks, Explosives, Candles, or any other open flames.