All Dystopia Rising Branches adhere to the same Community Standards Guidelines.

age Requirement

Dystopia Rising: Georgia is an 18+ branch of the Dystopia Rising Network.


Dystopia Rising is not responsible for the safety of your property if it is broken or stolen. Please keep your wallet, keys, important personal items, etc. secured and hidden. 

Beds space and tenting

Beds are first come first serve. If you wish to sleep in an area close to your friends after beds in that area are full, be sure to bring a floor pad or a cot. We intend to provide AP for all individuals who use a cot, bed roll, or tent. At this time, only A. H. Stephens State Park allows tenting space and only in one specific location. Please consult the per event information on our site or Facebook for additional information.


Both campsites we currently use charge a $5 per car per weekend that is on site that is no included in any aspect of your pre-registration. Parking passes will be available at Check In, however there are additional ways such as yearly passes and library rentals that are available to you and are listed on our Site Information page. We intent to reward AP for those that carpool or handle their parking pass before game.


If you require out-of-game sleep please reach out to us at We require you to reach out and your Pre-Registration purchase no later than one week before the event you'd like to attend to make sure we can provide proper accommodations.

Hours of operations

Dystopia Rising: Georgia will open site for Check-In at 4pm on Friday. Cars will need to be off the game area starting at 9pm as opening announcements will be held at 9:30pm with Game On  at 10pm. Check-In and the Post Office will be the same building and will be available the entire weekend for you to check in or find assistance for any needs you may have. We intend to run until 3-4am each night. On Sunday the only service the game will provide is the Post Office, which will be open from 8-10am. Our game will end at 10am on Sunday. Closing Announcements will follow at the Post Office, then at 10:15am we will start group cleanup, followed by personal clean up and a campsite close time by 1pm latest.


There is no flame-based smoking (Cigarettes, Cigars, Hookah, etc) whatsoever on the campgrounds or parking lot that Dystopia Rising: Georgia uses. Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping, and other fireless means of smoking are allowed outside, 10 feet away from all buildings and away from large groups.

While there are built in barbecues on some buildings, as well as fire pits, we do ask that on the Group Camp properties, there be absolutely no open flames. Please, no live candles, coals, or fires.


Selling crafts, costuming, and other items at Dystopia Rising Georgia is not permitted. If a person has purchased an item made by another player before a Dystopia Rising Georgia event, that person can bring the pre-purchased item and make the delivery at an event. This includes but is not limited to food, props, and costuming.

Real world money may not be exchanged for items of In Game Value, ever.