Character vs Character Mediation Request

The point of the Dystopia Rising experience is to tell a story together with other players, using your characters. That story may be one of triumph with friends or one of making bitter enemies. The story may involve building up a community or breaking it down. However, it’s important to note that this is a story you’re telling together - not one that you are telling at the expense of others.

Negotiating conflict is important for avoiding hard feelings. Our aim here is consent-based role-play that allows players to craft epic stories rather than one player becoming the victim of another. (pg 153)

The goal of this system is to be proactive in encouraging players to talk to each other as adults before they engage in a potentially emotionally charged scene. This is a way to avoid having to repair potential social issues after the fact. (pg 154)

If a person is not okay with conflict, then both parties should work on deescalating the situation to avoid conflict.

Remember that you are reaching out to another player as a fellow player. If you do not feel comfortable talking to another player out of character to discuss the potential of increased tensions or conflict between your characters, you may be experiencing some negative bleed. There may be some issues that need to be considered when it comes to the motivations of your CvC, and/or there may be a need to consider the benefit of story versus the potential of real-world player tension.

If you can’t talk about CvC with someone without the potential for real-world drama, then the pairing of the two of you for CvC probably won’t work out.

If neither of the players involved in CvC or potential CvC can come to a resolution that you’re both happy with, then reach out to a Guide for help and/or mediation. (pg. 155)

If you cannot answer Yes to the first two questions of this form, please go back and complete those tasks before submitting a request for CvC Mediation.

I have read pages 153-158 of Dystopia Rising LARP Evolved. *
I have had an adult conversation with the other party regarding this conflict between our characters. *
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