Up until three weeks before a game you can submit your own module requests! These are modules that come from your back stories, touch on plot lines that you felt trailed off without enough conclusion, or allow you to express your creative flavor. Have a particular group you want to drive story with, have a part of your back story you want to bring up, want to have certain sorts of interactions with you and your friends? This is how.

In addition to these submissions we will be running a normal plot filled game. We absolutely will do our best to incorporate your request into the weekend. Depending on how many requests we get, we will grab the module requests that engage and interact with the most players and aim to send it out at the period of time you ask for (that way you know you won't miss it).

This is not a tool to drag out named NPCs for personal RP, nor is it really designed in such a way where every detail of what you are asking for goes exactly by the script you provide. We are going to mix it, work with you, and change it up so that the module not only matches genre and continuity, but also allows the best potential for plot and story. These are stories for you, so please don't submit requests for other folk without asking (and giving them all the details) first.

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What times are good for the plot? *
We will work your plot into one of the shifts you choose, if able. The more room you give us for scheduling, the more likely we can run your story. DON'T choose when you have signed up for NPC shift.
Contact those people you want involved before hand. Try to involve at least 20 people in the story. If it involves less, we will work to involve more players in the story to share the experience.
Does this story tie in to your approved backstory? *
Has the NPCS involved in this story ever entered play before? *
Names of the NPC and the individual who played them will greatly help with this question
What is the focus genre of this module? *
Would you like to opt into any of the following: *
We will set a plot delivery window with you, but we need to know where you will be.
I understand that the staff will work hard to make this story come to life, but, depending on the timing, demand, and specifics of the story I acknowledge that my submitted story might not happen... and I am OK with that. *

We always say ‘play the type game you want to see’.
this is how you literally request that type of game!

This is where you can request your own modules! Ask for something that touches on your character's background, touches on a plot that trailed off without a solid conclusion for you or allow you to bring in a new element and express your own brand of the apocalypse! This is also where you can say “hey, this skill isn’t getting the type of toyetic or enhanced engagement/information I’d like to see” in modules (pg 101).

These submissions will in no way deter us from creating plot content designed to chase you through the woods and leave you huddling together in the cabins for safety...er...I mean...

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