It is the responsibility of players to aim to have all props, materials, and locally created stories fall well within the guidelines of what is acceptable for materials found in the Dystopia Rising universe. Technicalities, exceptions, and unique viewpoints that are outside the mainstay of genre should be avoided as to not negatively influence the cohesion of the story for other participants.

Players are advised to keep all assumed technology to postapocalyptic variants of early industrial revolution-period technology, with any form of mechanized, chemical, industrial or pseudo-science advances being items that players try to develop via the blueprint and item card system. Alternately, players can submit a request to have access to a non-mechanic physical representation of these items at their local branch. (pg 161)

While you will need an item card for anything you decide to sell for in-game currency to Casted Characters or when being used in relation to story mechanics, it’s completely okay to have props and items not associated with an item card for your own personal use or to trade or sell for in-character money between players. This can include postapocalyptic jewelry, small trinkets, non-mechanical food and drinks, or even larger props for scene dressing. However, keep in mind that items must be appropriate to the genre settings and aesthetics (final say is Branch approval).(pg ?)

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